Thursday, July 1, 2010

Melbourne Hospitals

Now Lord Wiki is going to teach me about hospitals in Melbourne. I hope to never have to ever put this information to practical use.

Oh! I shouldn't say that. The evil wish genie might twist my wish around. What I WANT is my loved ones (and that includes me) not to get hurt or sick. But the evil wish genie could make us super sick or hurt. And the reason we don't need the hospital is we're dead. That would suck....even if there's a really cool afterlife. Because even then, I'd like us to have full lives before going on to the next thing.

Anyway, in his lesson on the Melbourne page, Lord Wiki talks about research institutions. I started to write about that, but then decided I'd rather go to Lord Wiki's page on Melbourne hospitals.

Yikes, Lord Wiki lists a LOT of hospitals. I'm not going to talk about all of them.

You know, maybe I'll just look at Google Maps and see what hospitals I run into.

We have St. Vincent's Hospital. That's east of Carlton Gardens. It's a Catholic hospital (obviously) and opened in 1893. They also do research there, and they provide education for people wanting a medical career.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is close to the University of Melbourne hospital. Maybe they're affiliated with them? Lord Wiki says they opened in 1848. A couple of years later, the gold rush happened. I bet the hospital was busy then.

They do provide clinical school/practice for University of Melbourne students, but the students use other hospitals as well. It looks like they don't have any special extra affiliation.

The Royal Woman's Hospital is next to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They just moved there in June 2008. Previously, they had been in the Carlton area.

I like what they say on their website about mental stuff. Mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness, but is a state of emotional and social wellbeing in which the individual can cope with the normal stresses of life and achieve his or her potential. Well, I like it unless they're trying to say we should all take drugs to achieve that.

I also like how they say the NORMAL stresses of life. Sometimes abnormal/extreme stresses come in, and you might respond to it by going a bit nuts for awhile. Like for example....if you were gang raped. You might have a bit of a nervous breakdown. I would think that's normal. It's different than having a nervous breakdown because you found a hole in your mattress.

I think I'm going to do one more hospital, and then I'm going to quit.

Epworth Healthcare has four divisions. One of them is Epworth Freemasons. I'm guessing they're connected/supported by that secret magical society.

When I googled Epworth, I ended up on a page from Stanford. It's the Epworth Sleeping Scale. Maybe it originated in Melbourne. Anyway, I failed the test. I'm supposed to seek the help of a sleep specialist without delay.

Okay. Sure.

I really wasn't aware that getting sleepy while reading a book was a medical emergency. Silly me.

Ah! Lord Wiki just told me that the sleeping scale DOES come from Melbourne. That's cool. It seems Stanford might be a bit too strict in their scoring. Lord Wiki says a score of 9 (my score) is normal. Stanford put me at abnormal.

Thank you, Lord Wiki.