Saturday, July 10, 2010

So, What's the Deal with Noni Hazlehurst?

This morning I went to my beloved Statcounter, and saw a lot of people searching for Noni Hazlehurst. I got a little worried. When a lot of people are keywording a certain person, it usually means something is up.

I wondered if she had died.

I googled her name—first in the general web section. My blog is not too far down from Lord Wiki (who is always way high up there). That's kind of an honor, I suppose.

Usually the web section will include breaking news stories about the subject, but it didn't. I figured Noni Hazlehurst was probably still alive, and she had not become Prime Minister overnight. Nothing too shocking had happened to her. I figured though that maybe there was some tiny newsworthy thing that got people interested in Hazlehurst. So I checked Google News. Nothing there.

Then I looked more closely at the keywords. Someone had looked up Monkey Grip. THEN I remembered what I had seen before checking Statcounter. I was stalking the Facebook profiles of some of my favorite people. One of my friends had a wall message regarding Monkey Grip. It seems it was on Aussie TV last night. Or it might STILL be on. It's 8 in the morning here. That means it's 11 pm in eastern Australia. Maybe it's a late night movie.

So I guess that's the answer. People are watching Monkey Grip, and it's inspiring them to learn more about Noni Hazlehurst.