Thursday, July 8, 2010

Statistical Fun

I'm still wading through the City of Melbourne site. I might be here for a long time. This website is a bit overwhelming. It's one of those where you have to follow link after link after link to find something interesting to actually read.

I found a statistics page. That might be fun.

Let's see.....

First of all, they clarify what the statistics refer to. It's the city center of Melbourne plus the inner suburbs. I'm not sure how you distinguish between inner and outer suburbs. Maybe I'll learn that eventually.

The median age in 2006 was 28. It's actually going down. In 1996, the median age was 29.1. Lord Wiki says the median age of Fort Worth is 31. So Melbourne has more youth, I suppose....or less old people. What about a city known for retirement? Let's say Boca Raton, Florida....

Lord Wiki says the median age there is 43. I wonder what city in the world has the youngest median age.

Well, I've found a site that gives statistics for American cities. I'm too lazy to look further for world statistics. But anyway, in America Hildale Utah has a median age of 13.1. What? Is it like Children of the Corn there?

Almost half of Melbourne residents were born overseas; 41.7% I think that's very impressive. Lots of newbies. I hope their nice to the oldies. And vice versa.

The most common language spoken besides English is Mandarin.

There are 18,693 international student residents. I wonder how many are American. I wonder if Jack will be one of them someday. A mom can dream. Right?

This statistic perplexes me a bit. The most common type of worker in Melbourne? Professionals.

If you work, doesn't that make you a professional? Like if you flip burgers at McDonalds, doesn't that make you a professional fast food worker?

The oldest building in Melbourne is Mitre Tavern. Here's their website. They have a photo of people enjoying themselves at the restaurant. I bet most of them are foreign-born 28 year-olds. I wonder how many of them are fluent in Mandarin.

I like looking at their menu. They list all their alcohol stuff, and for each item they say what city it's from. Or maybe all menus list that. I don't usually pay much attention to such stuff...since I don't drink.

They have a history of the tavern. Mr. Ebden bought the land in 1837....just two years after the white people settlement began. Then two years later (1839, I suppose), he sold the land. Some mysterious unknown person bought it and built a private home. That building would eventually become the tavern.

Anyway, not much else on the statistics page is capturing my interest right now. So I'll quit here.