Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time for Kevin Bacon to Make His Ecclesiastes Speech

Everyone has a right to their opinion. And I have my right to disagree with them.

Case in point for tonight: A Holocaust survivor dancing at Auschwitz with his Melbourne family.

I think it's beautiful.

The news media folks are saying that some people find it offensive.

I struggle to see their point. And I fail.

To me, it's an affirmation of survival and life.

To me, it's saying not only did I survive, but I can still dance, and I still have a sense of humor.

Separating children from their parents and leading them to their deaths....THAT is offensive to me.

Defending a racist abusive anti-Semite because he's talented, handsome, and powerful....THAT is offensive to me as well.

But a Jewish Holocaust survivor celebrating with his children in a place that once brought him so much sorrow? I'm not offended at all. I love it.