Sunday, July 25, 2010

A VERY Talented Australian Lost Fan

Okay. Here's my confession.

I'm still VERY obsessed with Lost.

I read an episode a day on Lostpedia, and I am totally in love with this site because I can relate to the stories told by other obsessive Lost fans. Not only does it remind me of my Lost obsession, but it also reminds me of my Australia obsession.

The other night, I started thinking of Christian's speech in the finale of Lost, and started crying...not just moist eyes, but tears flowing out of my eyes and splashing on the pillow.

I watch a lot of Lost videos on YouTube. A few minutes ago, I found something fantastic. This guy has made some montage videos that greatly impressed me. This is quite a feat because I'm very picky about montage videos.

The first video I watched was this one about Locke. I think it's actually my favorite, but there are others that are good as well.

The video artist calls himself RedeemingTheUneven. I have no idea what that means, but oh well. Is it a Lost reference? Anyway, I was loving his work, and then I read his bio info. He's Australian! I was happy about that, because then it gave me an excuse to write a Lost post on my Australia blog. Although I can always go back to my excuse that Flight 815 was headed to Sydney, or bring up Emilie de Ravin.