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I've decided to return to writing my massively long biography posts.

When I say decided, it wasn't like:  I'm going to go back to writing biography posts!

It was more like:

I need something creative and productive to do while waiting to hear back about the autism diagnosis.

I'm going to go back to writing biography posts!

Never mind. I am not going back to writing biography posts.  Maybe instead I will make my blog private, because suddenly I'm mortified that I have revealed so much of myself on the Internet.

I'm going to go back to writing screenplays instead.

No, I really don't want to write screenplays right now. 

Maybe having a blog is not so bad. Maybe writing biographies will be fun.

What if the subject of the biography happens to find my blog, reads my post about them, and hates me?

What if no one ever really reads my biography posts, and I'm talking to myself?

Maybe I should write screenplays.

What screenplay should I write?

I don't want to write screenplays. 

I'll get back to screenplays.  Maybe. Someday.  But not now.

I'll try the biographies...

So. Here I am.

Although this is not a biography post.  This is just a post warning people that I'm going to start back to writing biography posts.

I should also admit that in the midst of all this angst, at one point I decided that instead of writing, I would go around my neighborhood with gloves on and pick up trash.

It was such a beautiful, noble idea.  The problem is I have (undiagnosed) containment OCD issues. And even with gloves, I'd probably get disgusted and anxious.

My other hesitation involved me wondering...should I pick up recycling stuff or trash?   It seems it would be too hard to carry around two bags.

I still think it would be a good idea to pick up litter. Someday.  Maybe it would be easier to deal with if I bought one of those cool pick up sticks.  

Anyway....enough of my ramblings about my failing to be a super, wonderful contributor to my community.


I have ideas and plans about the subjects of my posts.  Even though this is no longer a blog about Australia, the first few people I have in mind are Australian.  Then I think I'll do some Coronation Street actors and other non-Australian people. 

Some of the Australians I have in mind are also autistic.  And I might find people to write about who are not-Australian, but they are autistic.  

I'm still playing Minecraft, btw.  A little too much.  I had weird rules to keep me from playing too much.  But then for complicated reasons, I gave up on the rules, and lately I've been playing a lot.

Minecraft is creative, and I think it's great.  The problem is I've been doing stuff that is less creative and more obsessive and somewhat monotonous. I'm pretty much spending hours digging, collecting, filling chests, putting up cool windows, exploring a little outside, etc.

My goal is to complete/fill-up a map.    

It's not a bad hobby, and it's not a bad goal.  It's just I think it's better that I do it for about an hour or less a day rather than multiple hours a day.  

Anyway....hopefully in the next few days, I will be posting a biography post.  If means I probably am experiencing more writing-decision-angst or my addiction to Minecraft became even stronger.  

Edited to Add 10/14/21.  I worked on a biography post for two days. And I just deleted the whole thing.  Because it was shit.  I wouldn't even want torture my future self with it.  

So...writing the biography posts was the wrong choice.  But I don't think screenwriting is the right one.

I think I need a break from writing all together.

At least for now.  

And I have a feeling that "now" is going to last a long time.  



  1. Looking forward to the biographies...but that was a very cool "stream of consciousness" insight into your thought processes.

    1. lol. Thanks.

      Hey...listening to this podcast interview of Tony Baxter. I'm guessing you've heard of him? It is SO fascinating. I think it might be the best behind-the-scenes Disney kind of things I've seen/heard.

      Although now I'm wondering if he's the one that's your relative. I know you mentioned that in your Disney posts. Although I remember your relative worked on the Toy Story ride? I don't think they've mentioned that ride yet. But I may have been daydreaming. But for some reason, now I'm thinking your relative's name was Tony.....Although I could be wrong. Or there could be multiple Tony-imagineers.

    2. I’ve heard of Baxter on some documentaries but not in detail. I’ll have to look into it more. Jesse, my best friend since first grade was at imagineering, but now has his own game design company. That company did Toy Story Mania. Recently they worked on the Spidey ride in California and the Galactic Starcruiser hotel in Florida.

    3. That's very cool! I feel I should have been able to remember Jesse, because the name connects well to Toy Story.


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