Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Web Full of Amazing Writers.

I spent almost the whole day yesterday searching for Aussie blogs.

I've decided I'm going to cut down on book reading for now and do blog-reading instead.


It's hard for me to find Australian books and that's what I really want to read about.

And, there's a little bit of tension between me and American books. Why? Okay, this will sound petty, but I've been rejected by way too many American publishing companies and agents. So, every time I read a book, I think Why did this book get published and not mine?

I mean for some of the books, the reason is obvious. The books are amazing. Although I think my books are amazing too. SO THERE.

Okay, but for a lot of the books? Well, they're just as good or just as crappy as mine. However you want to look at it.

Yeah, so I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder.

I love that we can blog now. I can speak to the world without first being accepted by some editor or agent. And I love reading other people's blogs. It also boosts my self-esteem. I see other amazing writers out there--totally good enough to be published in book form. And they're not. Just like me.

So, despite what some people think, you don't have to be a published writer to be a good writer.


Here are some blogs that I have found that look promising.

1. FloridagirlinSydney. Okay, I didn't just find this one yesterday. And it's my cousin's blog. So this might be nepotism. But her blog is so amazing. The ironic thing is she has said she's not a writer. Read her blog and you'll see how damn wrong she is!

My cousin is the one I mentioned in an earlier post--the one I'm horribly jealous of. She makes me turn an ugly shade of green on a daily basis. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two kiddos. The blog talks about her adventures and gives another American viewpoint of Australia.

2. A Byootful Life. I'm not sure how much of this blog is actually about Australia. But it's written by an Australian person. I guess that counts? I liked it because there was an hilarious story about men and make-up.

3. The Little Aussie Cynic doesn't seem that cynical. It actually seems rather inspiring. It had a great post about the history of an enviromental movement in Tasmania.

4. Australian Politics- Looks interesting although some of it goes way over my head. I'm not always as smart as I pretend to be--especially when it comes to politics.

5. Decomposing Trees. Okay. I just like this guy because he mentioned secondhand books. My type of human.

6. John Harding. Great site with photos. All about diving and the ocean. Marine-life. Shipwrecks. Maybe it will inspire me to keep up with the scuba stuff.

7. Nothing's Too Sacred. I like this blog. Another one about politics, but it's more on my level. And he/she seems to share my political viewpoints.

8. Our Great Southern Land. Besides my cousin's blog, this one is probably my favorite. It's probably what inspired me to make this list in the first place. It has all these history trivia things. When I saw the website, I felt like I had totally hit the Australian-obsession Jackpot. No, actually the jackpot would be moving to Australia. But still....this website is nice too.

9. Postcards from Australia. Incredibly sweet. A collection of postcards that a woman sent to her grandmother from Australia when she traveled in 1996. I like her because she prefers Manly over Bondi. I'm totally a Manly girl. Oh, wait. That sounds really weird.

10. The Sydney Traveler. This blog will probably will be very useful to me. Probably even more useful to people who actually get to live in Sydney. But I do visit every so often, so.....

11. Where Have We Been-I find this blog a bit hard to navigate. Well, not that hard, but more challenging than most. But I love the story! Australians sailing all the way from Florida back to Queensland. How cool is that?