Monday, July 12, 2010

Yeah. Whatever, George W. Bush

Ryan Kwanten is in the news today. Why? He's declared that he's not impressed with American woman. That's supposedly the answer to the question of why he's single. I didn't even realize that question was being asked.

Anyway, I think it's a lousy excuse because there are plenty of Australians living in America. And there's also that minor fact that American women come in all different shapes, colors, sizes, flavors, accents, etc.

Kwanten misses his Aussie women though. I guess he specifically wants one of his own kind. And he thinks American women have something to learn from Australian women. Kwanten says, I guess the ability to just be themselves ... that's something that the American women can learn from, they really could.

An actor telling people to just be themselves. Now THAT'S ironic.

I would be myself....IF I knew who I was. I'm still struggling to figure that one out. As soon as I got that issue settled.....

Are Australian women more in tune to who the hell they are?

I doubt it.

Kwanten is stereotyping, and I don't much like that behavior in people. So I've lost most of my love for the guy. I was about to say I still like his character. But actually I just finished watching True Blood (before getting on my computer) and Jason Stackhouse did something that was pretty unsympathetic in my book. I've lost most of my love for him too.

I'm actually not loving the TV show much this season. I liked the first and second episodes, but not the third and fourth. For now, I'll have to say I prefer the books. Although OF COURSE....I still totally adore Paquin as Sookie. She's amazing. Would Kwanten go for a Kiwi? Too bad she's already taken by a British guy.

Well, I hope Jason Stackhouse rectifies his selfish and manipulative behavior. And I hope Kwanten expands his horizons and opens his mind a bit. There are plenty of down to earth Americans, but maybe not in the crowd he hangs out with. When you're a successful actor living in Los Angeles, it might be challenging to find people who are genuine. If you use stereotyped judgments as excuses for your dating status, I say you stand WITH the fake crowd, and not outside of it.

Edited to Add-5/3/2014- Just realized the second to last line in the last paragraph was VERY hypocritical of me. Talk about stereotyping! Oy.