Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Pretend Australia Trip Day 10 Canberra

For breakfast this morning, we had the Carman breakfast bars, some shapes, and Tim Tams.

I'd like to say that's not something we ever do.

But that would be a lie.

Having junk food breakfasts is kind of typical for us.

It sounds better, though, when I think of it as us having a snack before breakfast.

Okay, and I have to take Tim out of this.   Jack and I are the guilty ones here. Tim's a healthier eater.  He just ate the breakfast bar.  No morning Tim Tams or Shapes for him.  

We later went and had a REAL breakfast...or brunch. 

We went to a place called Gus's.  We stopped there on our way to Parliament.  We had to drive, by the way.  It's a fairly long walk.

Although with the way we've been eating, maybe we should have taken the walk.

Anyway, at the Gus place I had vegetarian nachos.  So my brunch was more of a lunch.

Tim had eggs Benedict.  Jack had pancakes.

We didn't share like we usually do.

I feel kind of bad about that, but sometimes it's hard to agree on something.

Jack really wanted the pancakes. Tim really wanted the eggs.

I try not to eat eggs.

Although I did have two bites of Jack's pancakes.

Tim is actually the one who's usually put in the cooperative position. I don't like eat meat. Jack doesn't often like vegetables. Tim likes, and will eat, both of those.  So he''ll usually eat part of my meal and part of Jack's meal.  But there are some occasions where that doesn't work out.

Anyway...enough about food.

We went to Parliament.   It was less exciting than last time because Parliament wasn't sitting.  Last time we had so much fun seeing the back of Kevin Rudd's head. 

We didn't stay long there.  We browsed in the gift shop for a short time. That's about it.  

Then we moved onto the old Parliament.  They've given it a new name.  Now it's called The Museum of Australian Democracy.  

We loved it in 2009 when it didn't have that name.  We loved it this time with the name.

It's such a fun place.  And I'm not a big fan of museums. I mean I'm a fan of them in theory. But I usually get bored by them.

I wasn't bored at the Museum of Australian Democracy.  We had a great time there.  We looked at Prime Ministers, wives of Prime Ministers, political cartoons, and other things. We played dress up.   Jack did the activity where you pretend to interview the Prime Minister.  

I love that you can see the chairs, desks, toilets, and other stuff that was once used by Members of Parliament.  

We spent most of the day there.

Then we came home.

Now we're trying to figure out what to do for dinner.  We'll probably go back to Dickson.  I'm not sure.

I'm also not sure what we're going to do tomorrow.  I'm hoping Jack doesn't want to do museums.   I'm tired of museums.

I'm thinking maybe we'll do the zoo.   But then Jack will probably want to do the private tour, and I feel that should be a one time thing.  If we're going to do a private tour, I'd rather do it at a new zoo.   Well, not a new zoo, but a zoo that's new to us.

* * *

Tried to talk to Tim about what we're going to do, but he's too distracted by his game.  He's not in a very conversational mood.

It seems so often that one of us in the family wants to talk and the other person is too busy to listen.

I think I'm more likely to be upfront.  Can you talk to me later?  I'm busy.  And well...maybe I can be a bit abrasive.   I TRY not to be.  

Tim is more likely to keep on what he's doing, but then say he's listening. Yet it feels like he's not really listening.  He's there, but not there.

The other day though; I did what he does.  I was busy reading something and kept reading while he talked.   I kind of paid attention to him.  Maybe.  He kept talking.  He didn't seem to mind that he had only a small percentage of my attention.  

Then again, if I'm not reading, sometimes I'm not giving the other person my full attention.  I tend to daydream a lot.   I'll drift off while someone is in the midst of telling me this.    Jack is well aware of this and will sometimes say,  Did you hear me?   Are you daydreaming?   He's good at making sure I'm on track.  I love that kid.  Well, and not just because he wakes me up from my daydreams.  

NOTE:  This trip journal is fictional.   We are not really in Australia.  Some stuff in these posts are based on research.  Some stuff is based on my reality.  Some stuff is based on past experiences. And some stuff is based on fantasy.  

The non-trip journal posts ARE true and real…except for my dreams (which are written in purple).