Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Pretend Australia Trip Day 18 Eden

It has been a wonderful morning!

First of all, I slept very well last night.  I had no bad dreams, and I slept from about 7:45 pm to 7:30 am. Twelve hours!

I feel well-rested.

I worried I might feel groggy, but I don't.  Fortunately.

Tim and Jack slept till 9:00   I went out alone and looked for the beach I couldn't find yesterday.  This time I was successful.  It's very beautiful.  I enjoyed the walk to the beach, and I enjoyed the walk at the beach.

I saw a few black cockatoos, which I thought was incredibly cool.   

After my beach walk, we had breakfast.   The hosts of this wonderful place made lots of lovely things and we ate out on the deck.  Not only did they feed us humans, but they also fed the birds.   So we were visited by Lorikeets and other lovely creatures.

I think I'm in heaven.   

* * *

I forgot to mention that we met the people staying in the other room.  It's a gay couple from Melbourne. They were nice, but shy.   Well, they seemed to be the type who like to keep to themselves.  That's fine.  I'm that way too sometimes.

* * *

We're back in the room now, resting a bit.

We've had a fairly active day.

After breakfast, we went to the beach.  We didn't swim because it's not that warm.  Jack played in the sand.  Tim talked to me about various things.

Then we went back, got the car, and drove to the Killer Whale Museum.  Like most museums, this one bored me a bit.  But it was relatively interesting every so often.

We next walked to the Seamen's Memorial Wall.   It's a memorial to the people, from New South Wales, who've been lost at sea.   It's really sad.   I'm reading a book with a tragic death in it, so death has been on my mind today.  Maybe that made the memorial even sadder, for me, than it usually would.

Then again, death is on my mind probably everyday.   I worry often about morbid things.

We ate lunch at a cafe on Inlay Street.  I can't remember the name, and I can't say the food was very memorable.

Now we're back in the room.

* * *

I thought about all the bad things that could happen to those I love.

It's like, here today; gone tomorrow.  And we didn't even get a proper good-bye.

Then I thought of all the elderly people out there; and it gave me some hope.   These old people prove that it's actually quite possible to survive this crazy obstacle course we call life.

* * *

Now I'm worried that the universe will smite me for being too positive.  

* * *

I'm still hungry a bit. I might dig into the fruit and chocolate basket.  

* * *

After eating the fruit and chocolate, we realized it was time for scones.

We ate a lot.

We're full.

Now we're debating whether we should skip dinner.

None of us are really in the mood, and we haven't seen any restaurants that excite us much.

Tim suggested picking up pita chips and humus at Coles.

I think I like that idea.

Maybe we'll eat them on the beach and watch the sunset.  

That might be very nice.  

NOTE:  This trip journal is fictional.   We are not really in Australia.  Some stuff in these posts are based on research.  Some stuff is based on my reality.  Some stuff is based on past experiences. And some stuff is based on fantasy.   

The non-trip journal posts ARE true and real…except for my dreams (which are written in purple). 
Oh...and 2009 trip reports are about a real trip to Australia.  That's all true too.