Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Pretend Australia Trip Day 9 Canberra

We're going to check out of here soon and make our way to Canberra.

I woke up early this morning with laundry on my mind.

I meant to do it yesterday, and I forgot.  I'm not sure if our hotel in Canberra has washing machines, so I rushed to do some laundry here.

* * *

I'm writing in the car even though I get carsick.

Sometimes I have these moments where I REALLY need to write something down.

I had a depressing but enlightening deep thought.

Here it is:  

There's very rarely any point in telling something they've hurt your feelings, or that you want them to change the way they treat you.  It's better to just look at their behavior and accept the message that it sends:  I don't love you as much as you wish.  I love you, but much less than I love other people.  You're low on my priority list. I find you untalented and uninteresting. I'm jealous of or resentful of you.  My needs are much more important than yours. You're unattractive

Nothing good will come of telling someone they're behavior is making you feel that way.  At best they will change their behavior, but that's only to restore peace (aka get you off their back).  Their behavior might change, but not their feelings.  And in the end, it's the feelings behind the behavior that hurts.  If it's really just the behavior that bothers you, and it doesn't hurt your feelings; then it probably doesn't hurt to try and get the person to change a bit.

I gave the best case scenario.  Now for the worst.  The person might get mad.  They might get manipulative.  They'll attack you with sarcasm.  They'll likely deny any wrongdoing. It's all in your imagination.  You're too sensitive. You're too demanding.  You expect too much out of people.  Do you not understand how much stress they're under?  Do you enjoy making people feel bad?

They'll turn it all around until they think you realize that you've been the bad guy all along, and they're the victim.  

Okay, I'm going to end my ranting.   I'm starting to feel very carsick.

* * *

We're in Canberra now.

We stopped in Goulburn for lunch.

I didn't eat much because I still felt nauseated by my lapse of judgement.

I wish I could read and type in the car without getting carsick.

Jack can do it.  I envy him.

I'm fine on trains and planes. I wonder why.  I guess the movement of the car is different?


We ended up going to that fast food Middle Eastern restaurant, Ali Baba.  We saw it the last time we were in Australia, but I don't think we ever ate there.

Tim and Jack got a lamb plate.  It came with all these salad things; so I just ate some of that.

Tim kept pushing me to get the falafel plate.   I tried to explain that I really wasn't hungry.   I had a hard time getting him to listen to me.  I think it's because I so rarely say no to food.  Usually I'm a total eating machine.

Well, that is that.

We didn't see the big Merino.  We might have passed it and I didn't notice because I was too busy being carsick.  It wasn't a huge deal to me, though, because we saw it the last time.   

We're at the hotel now.  We're waiting in the lobby. It's all nice and tropical even though I don't really associate Canberra with the tropics.

We still have a bit of time before check in time.

Then we need to figure out what to do today.

I'm actually kind of hungry because my carsickness is over. I don't think Tim and Jack will be hungry, though.  Maybe I'll just grab a snack somewhere.

It's hot today so I don't think I want to do anything outdoorsy.

* * *

Had more deep thoughts, or actually a continuation of the other deep thoughts.

I can write them down now, without getting nauseated, since we're in the hotel room rather than the car.

I did have some of my weird blood sugar issues, but Tim had some snack bars in his bag.   He got them from the plane.   I didn't know he had them.

I need to remember to buy something like that and just keep it with me.

Back to my thoughts.....

I think the most important thing to remember (and the one I so often forget) is that someone else's feelings towards us is NOT a reflection of our worth.   

It's a major cliche, but it's good one so I'll say it anyway.  You have to love yourself because when it comes to yourself, your opinion is the one that matters the most.

* * *

I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon.

Tim is asleep...snoring.

Jack is happily playing imagination stuff.  

* * *

I'm bored.

And I'm tired of playing Sims 3.

* * *

I took a walk.

I'm hot.  

I didn't see anything too interesting.

I'm not sure if this is a good location for walking.

I think I'm going to be dependent on Tim's driving.

I kind of wish we stayed somewhere else.

Maybe I'm just missing Kiama.

* * *

We went to the Dickson shopping centre.

We ate an early dinner.  

The good news is we figured out it's walking distance from our hotel.

We walked even though it was a bit hot.  It only took us about 10 minutes.  

I feel better about this hotel now.

I like knowing I can walk to places.  It makes me feel more free.  

We ended up sharing a Margherita pizza at Zeffirelli.  We ate there last time we were in Australia   I can't remember if we liked it or not.  I liked it this time. It might have been because I was really hungry. 

They have fun meat pizzas there and Jack wanted to get one, but we told him no since he ate a lot of meat at lunch.  He's been eating a lot of meat lately period.

We said though that we could come back another day.   He wants to come back tomorrow for dinner.  I don't mind, and I think Tim is okay with it too.  

For dessert we shared one scoop of pistachio gelato.

We also stopped at Woolworths to pick up some snacks.

We bought Dark Chocolate Rum Raisin Tim Tams.  I'm VERY excited about that.   They're new, and we haven't tried them before.  I love rum raisin ice-cream, so I'm thinking I'll like these.  

We bought a Shapes variety pack.   These will be good because they're little bags I can stick in my backpack.   

For that purpose, I also bought some Carmans Classic Fruit Breakfast Bars.  

Ah....I see Tim is opening up the Tim Tams.   It's our second dessert.   Well, to our defense.  The other dessert was small.

And we're pigs.  I won't deny it.

 NOTE:  This trip journal is fictional.   We are not really in Australia.  Some stuff in these posts are based on research.  Some stuff is based on my reality.  Some stuff is based on past experiences. And some stuff is based on fantasy.  

The non-trip journal posts ARE true and real…except for my dreams (which are written in purple).