Friday, September 28, 2012

Eye on Australia

Today I read this old post. "Good Omens Observed By a Girl Who's Paranoid and Delusional".

The title was in response to an overzealous atheist who was slightly critical of my blog.

I wrote it a week or two before we left for our 2009 Australia trip.

I loved reading it again, because it talked about me visiting our beloved used bookstore and finding this book....

It's an American book written by a woman named Carolyn Coil.

I forgot what it was about.

I'm skimming through it.

I think it's just about her experiences in Australia.

But the thing is....

I used the book as MY notebook while we were in Australia. 

The notes are what I used later to write my overly detailed trip reports.

The notes weren't actually that detailed; but I guess I wrote enough to jog my memory.

And Jack helped a lot.

He has a good memory.

Here's an example page from the book.

You can see my atrocious handwriting.

The old blog post also mentions my finding of a Time Out Sydney book. We ended up using that a lot.  I think?  I remember it being special to Jack and me.  

In other book news, I just started rereading Bill Bryson's book.

I think the last time I read it I was in the infancy of my Australia obsession. So it might be very different reading it now.

The beginning talks about how Americans usually totally ignore Australia.

Bryson does a news analysis and concludes, Put in the crudest terms, Australia was slightly more important to us in 1997 than bananas, but not nearly as important as ice-cream. 

By the way, for our next Aussie trip, I'm not planning to do the detailed trip reports.  It's too much pressure.  I don't know how I managed the memory skills the first time. I have doubts that I'll be able to repeat it.

I don't want to spend my holiday worrying about it.

I'll probably share a few stories.

And I'm thinking of doing videos.  Maybe some montages.

We'll see.....

I'm also going to try not to go overboard with photos. I'll leave that to Tim.

I think everything interesting in Australia has been photographed a zillion times and is on Flickr.  Is there anything spectacular I can add to that?   Nope.

I want videos.  We've taken very few videos in Australia on our previous trips.   I don't want videos just for my blog, but also just to have for my own pleasure.