Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

On 1980's Home and Away, Martin Dibble and Lance Smart have their own little song.  It's "Boys Will be Boys" by the Choirboys.

The song's not played every time they appear, but it has played during their scenes more than once, so I consider it their song.

I had one of those shit-what's-that-song moments when I first heard it on the show.  It was familiar to me, but I didn't know why.  Was it an Aussie song that was on my massive Aussie Spotify list?  Was it an American song that would be familiar to most everyone I know in my own country?

I tried asking Jack about the song.  I attempted to sing it which was hard, because I only knew the chorus bit, and even that I didn't know very well.  I mean I got the words right but maybe not the tune. Or maybe I DID have the tune right, but I felt it was wrong, because Jack wasn't recognizing it.

Anyway, I couldn't find the song.  But then eventually, I was listening to my Aussie spotify list and it came on.

Now I'm wondering why I didn't just look through song titles on the Aussie list?  The song title is the same as the chorus!

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Let's not dwell on my stupidity.  Instead I'll read about The Choirboys.

Lord Wiki says they formed in Sydney in 1979.

Their lead singer is a guy named Mark Gable.

Mark Gable's in a domestic partnership situation with a country singer named Melinda Schneider, whose mother is a yodeler.  Now that's really cool!  I think so, at least.

Another popular song from The Choirboys is "Run to Paradise".  I have that on my spotify list as well.

Here's The Choirboy's official website.   Mark Gable has a fun message.

He says: This is the CB’s new website, it has many amazing features that I have no idea how to work but you will because you are all so clever. Apparently we can blog with one another and you can have your say, things like ‘you guys are just amazing’ or ‘the wife thinks you guys really suck’. I think you can even upload photos if you like, these photos can be of anything you would like us to see: your cat, your kids, your girlfriend (yes please), some show where we did something amazing or a show where we sucked.

I like his sense of humor, and that he shows interest in seeing people's cat, kids, and girlfriend.  It's like he understands that people have a life outside of being fans of The Choirboys.

Sadly, it seems the blog hasn't been updated since May 2012.  And I don't see anyone's comments or photos.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Still...I liked the sentiment behind what he said.

Well, this is strange, and very annoying.

I just scrolled up to edit my post and two of the videos I embedded have vanished.  I looked in the HTML, and they're not there either.  What the hell?

Oh, well.  I'll go find them again.