Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Doctor Who References on Neighbours!

Today I'm watching episode 110 from season 29 of Neighbours, and Doctor Who was mentioned again.

Actually, it wasn't just mentioned. They had a whole conversation!

This guy is chatting up this woman, and talks about his favorite episode being "Blink".  His favorite Christmas episode is "Voyage of the Damned".

Personally, I think "Blink" is overrated. I wasn't really into it. I much preferred the Weeping Angels in the season six episode.

Despite the appearance of Kylie Minogue, we're not big fans of "Voyage of the Damned" in this household.  Though bits of it reminded me a little bit of this screenplay I wrote several years ago. It had cruise ships, but instead of traveling through the ocean, they traveled through time. Then the tourists would visit different points in history. The ship was hijacked and the travelers end up in the midst of the black plague.

My favorite Christmas episode (so far) is definitely "A Christmas Carol".

How about you? If you're a Doctor Who fan, what's your favorite Christmas episode?  Favorite episode?  And how to do you feel about "Blink"?

On Neighbours, the characters also talked about their favorite doctor.  The woman liked either Tom Baker or Colin Baker. I get the two confused. But you know...the guy made a jokingly negative comment, so I'm guessing it was the Baker who was not so popular.  I just looked it up. Colin.  Tom is the popular one with the scarf.

The woman guessed that the guy was a Tom Baker fan. He said no.  That was too obvious. His favorite is Christopher Eccleston.  I like him too. But right now, my favorite is Matt Smith.  It's funny, because I really thought I wouldn't like him.