Thursday, October 11, 2018

Words and Phrases Used by Powerful Men When Called Out for Their Behavior

I'm going to create a list of words and phrases used by powerful, narcissistic, machiavellian men when called out on their behavior.

Of course powerful women and/or narcissistic women might use these phrases as well!

I'll probably keep adding to the list as I witness, learn of,  remember, or think of more.

One note about these phrases, though. They're very much secondary to the main components which are gaslighting and other forms of dishonesty.  Heck, most of these phrases would actually be valid and warranted, at times, if it weren't for the lies and manipulation behind them.

1. This is a witch hunt.

2. I'm tired of your relentless abuse.

3. Your unwarranted rejection of me

4. Everyone but you knows I'm a good person.

5. I've done so much for you.

6. I'm sorry you feel that way.

7. You're crazy.

8. You're unstable.

9. That never happened.

10. How dare you accuse me of that.

11. Your disgusting accusations.

12. I don't have time for this.

13. I can't tolerate this.

14. It's unfair.

15.  Stop giving me grief.

16. You're vicious.

17.  Your tirade against me

18. Ganging up on me

19. Turning people against me

20. I can no longer fight this battle.

21. So and So knows what's going on and is on my side

22. I love you.

23. I am worried about your mental health.

24. I would go to the end of the earth for you.

25. I only want what's best for you.

26. All my hard work was for you.

27. I've sacrificed so much for you.

28. I dropped what I was doing to meet with you.

29. I'm a very busy person.

30. I'm not going to be your punching bag.

31. Fake news

32. I don't expect you to be perfect. Why do you expect me to?

33. I'm being attacked

34. I am sorry for whatever I have done for this rejection.

35. I am the one willing to do this for you.

36. I am the one who is willing to help you.

37. I hope and pray you get the care you need.

38. Your accusation hurts me to the core.

39. Do you treat everyone like this?

40. My selflessness

41. Why am I being attacked?

42. I've given you so much with no strings attached.

43. I was only trying to help.

44. I was only joking.

45. Where's your sense of humor?

46. I have worked very hard

47. You would be nothing without me.

48. You're ungrateful.

49. Maybe you'll appreciate me more when I'm dead.

50. Come on!

51. Give me a break.

52. Everyone knows that's not true.

53. Don't be ridiculous.

54. This is for you (as they hand you a very expensive gift)

55. Just forget about me.

56. That was very hurtful. Well done.

57. I have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get other people to like you.

58.  I keep this family together.

59. I keep this office together.

60. I keep things running.

61. I know of bad men. I'm not one of them.

62. Why you're bringing this up now is a mystery to me.

63. That is a false and hurtful accusation.

64. Whenever I try to help you, I get attacked.

65. I have countless business associates that respect me.

66. I'm sorry you feel that way about me.

67. I feel sorry for you.

68. I don't remember saying that.

69. I should be able to express my opinion.

70. I am utterly perplexed by the way you're treating me.

71. I will take any crumbs you throw at me.

72. It's just my sense of humor.

73. I was just trying to be funny.

74. Don't be so sensitive.

75. Lighten up.

76. I was only trying to teach you how to be stronger.

77. I want what's best for you.

78. Hopefully one day you'll appreciate me.

79. I would never do something like that.

80. It's not in my diary, so it didn't happen.

81. No one loves you more than I do.

82. No one respects women more than I do.

83. If I did that, I'm sorry.

84. Do you not have anything better to do than harass me?

85. I am puzzled by the way you're treating me.

86. Unlike you, I am busy.

87. I wish you all the best.

88. I don't want to waste my time with this.

89. There is no one less racist than I am.

90. We've spent a lot of money on you. But that's fine.

91. I wish you knew how lucky you are.

92. I'm the most bullied person in the world.

93. Can we please concern ourselves with real problems?

94. Are you going to ever let that go?

95. I'm not like that.

96. I'm very compassionate.

97. I'm very empathetic.

98. I give a lot of money to charity.

99. I've helped so many people.

100. If you only knew what I do for you behind the scenes.

101. I hope we can take this down a notch.

102. Don't get your knickers in a bunch.

103. My fault. I shouldn't have listened to his advice (AKA-It's his fault).

104. Instead of expressing appreciation, you make us feel rotten.

105. To blame me for that is too much.

106. You're being over the top.

107. I'm tired of being your punching bag when things don't work out perfectly.

108. I risk my relationship with other people by telling them how to treat you better.

109. There are things you did that disturbed ME, but I just let it go.

110. I do almost all the work around here.

111. Grow up.

112. I feel sorry for you.

113. Ow! My chest! It hurts!

114. I feel really sick.

115. I think I might faint.

116. That's enough!

117. You know. I've tried to be nice.

118. Maybe things got a little out of hand.

119. I'm sorry if you feel I did something a little over the top

120. Is getting angry at me helping you?

121. It's too bad you focus only on the negative.

122. I feel bad for you.