Sunday, November 21, 2010

Feeling Appreciative

My sister sent me one of those e-cards for my birthday.  And guess what.   It was for Australia Day!! That meant a lot to me.

Rumor has it that the family has changed their mind about celebrating my birthday at the lake house.   How do I know?  A little bird told me.  

From compelling evidence I have gathered (thanks mostly to Statcounter) this came about after certain people happened to come to my blog.  I think it was meant to be though, because these people only come to my blog about once a month or so. Then they happen to come after I posted the angry-birthday post.   It's probably fate.  

I guess I'm supposed to pretend to be surprised about the birthday. Unless they come to my blog and see THIS post.  Then do we have to keep pretending? 


I'm happy because my sister gave me an Australia related birthday greeting.   I like that.

I'm also thankful that a certain person let me know (in an indirect sly way) that they read my blog, and knew I was upset.  BECAUSE they could have tried to pretend that they hadn't read the blog, and had planned a surprise celebration all along.    Then I would have felt stupid for feeling hurt.   Although I wouldn't truly feel stupid for it, because I have Statcounter, and know the truth.   But they might have chosen me feeling stupid over them sort of....indirectly....and kind of slyly....admitting their mistake.  

They didn't do that, and that makes me feel better about things. 

If I have confused anyone with this post....sorry.

If you read this and are not confused.....I'm VERY impressed.     

For Australians who worry that Americans are always like this with birthdays. Don't worry. They're not. I'm unique.