Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here's some synchronicity.   

I went to read an Australian blog today, and the blogger had posted photos of the new pet rabbits they have acquired. VERY cute.

Then I was looking on Facebook, and an Australian had posted a photo of rabbits. It was kind of random.

Is that kind of a coincidence?

To some Australians, rabbits are considered to be a pest. I can't really blame them, since rabbits have wreaked a bit of havoc on the ecology of the area.

Other Australians forgive the rabbits....well, because it's not like the furry creatures really MEANT any harm.  If anyone's to blame, it's the humans.  But if you pass a virus around to humans you get a Stephen King novel. Or you get the true-life American/Guatemala story.  

Anyway, I LIKE rabbits. They're probably my favorite mammal...besides humans. They're cute, and they have personal spiritual meaning for me.

Speaking of animals having meaning for people....I had another dream about big animals.

We have a domesticated bear with us.  He's sleeping and looks adorable. I start thinking, though, that this bear could, at some point, get angry, stand up, growl, and look very scary.    

Each morning, in which I write down my dreams, I go back and read dreams from a year ago and a month ago. I read my dream from 30 October and it said....

I see a thing about the zoo, and them getting their Grizzly Bear. They had some kind of show/stunt involving other smaller bears taking the Grizzly bear to his enclosure. I'm at the zoo as I see this, and think about how the Grizzly bear could escape. Then Jack is there and we get some bowl of chocolates. Maybe they were free? Then there's ice-cream at the bottom....very delicious white ice-cream. But we have no spoons. I try to find some. There's a table with a bunch. I assume they're for everyone, but the women at table make me question that. They're weird towards me, and I start thinking maybe they're their spoons. I call them unhelpful and walk away. I hear them bitching about what I said...being snide about it. I come back and say I said the wrong thing. They're not unhelpful. They're unfriendly.

I had another animal dream last night.  

I'm on the toilet.  I see shells in the bathtub.  They start walking.  I realize they're shells that still have their animals inside. One of the animals is carrying a young infant human.  I take the baby and wrap it in a blanket or towel. Then I bring it out to someone.

What the hell could that mean?

In other news, we saw Harry Potter last night. It wasn't as disappointing as Universal Studios, but I didn't absolutely love it. I was unhappy that they left out certain parts.  That surprised me. It worries me that they'll leave out important parts in the July movie as well.

All in all though.....I think they did a good job with the movie.  Great acting. Great special effects.  Beautiful scenery.  just think that since they're stretching one novel into two movies, they DID have enough time to not exclude certain scenes.    

Tonight, we're going to see Megamind.   We were going to see it on my birthday, but Jack had stomach issues, and we decided to postpone it.