Monday, November 8, 2010

Authentic Aboriginal Art

Last night I dreamed about Aboriginal Art.  

I have a question in my mind. If a piece of artwork is painted with an Aboriginal style, but painted by a person who's not Aboriginal; is it still Aboriginal art? And if an Aboriginal Australian paints something that does NOT look Aboriginal, would it count as being Aboriginal Art?

Let's say we're planning to visit Australia, and a fellow American asks us to buy them some authentic Aboriginal artwork?  It's probably best if we buy them a piece of work made by an Aboriginal person, and that looks the way most people would expect it to look.  But if we decided to be difficult, what would annoy the art collector more—finding out that the dotted image of the rainbow serpent was actually made by a European-Australian or getting a western styled painting of a skyscraper made by an Arrernte man?  

We can take this in another direction. What would be a more authentic celebration of the Jewish holiday Pesach?

A) A gentile (non-Jew) celebrating the holiday at his home with all the traditional aspects: Matzot, Haggadah, Charoset, bitter herbs, etc.

B) A Jewish person celebrating the holiday by drinking wine, eating Naan (cause it's kind of flat like Matzoh), and saying a little prayer.

I'd write more about this, but we're on a holiday, and I promised myself not to spend too much time on the Internet.

I was going to write NO posts during my holiday, but I decided that wouldn't be a holiday for me.   That would be punishment.