Monday, November 1, 2010

Boob Sharing

The Herald Sun has an article about moms breastfeeding babies that belong to other people.  


No, I'm joking.  I think it's awesome. I hope it takes off and becomes a major trend.  Put those formula companies out of business. Well, really that shouldn't happen. Some people won't be able to breastfeed, AND they won't be able to get another mom to do it for them.   There will still be a need for artificial human milk.  But it would be cool if the need becomes minimal.

Are their risks to cross-nursing? Maybe VERY minimal ones, but there are also risks to using formula.

I'm looking at comments on the story now.  It seems people are more disturbed by the fact that there's mention of a three-year-old breastfeeding. How gross is that?  Never mind that we're apes, and the other apes breastfeed for around 2-4 years. Why should WE do things differently?  Is it because we have less hair on our body?  Because we walk upright?   Because we can talk?  Because we can build factory farms and obtain milk from the mistreated mothers of another species?

 At 6:17, Jennifer had very strong feelings about this breastfeeding of non-babies. A three year old should NOT be breastfed!!! That mother is selfish!!   

I very selfishly breastfed Jack until he was 4.5   I had heard it reduces the chance of me getting breast cancer. I wanted to keep myself healthy. VERY selfish of me. I heard it makes kids smarter. I like brainy kids. Again, very selfish of me. I also heard it helps kids stay healthier. I hate when Jack is sick. I selfishly tried to prevent that. I'm a HORRIBLE mom.  

Did I lock my screaming protesting child onto my breast so I could force this nutritious liquid gold into his body?  No. He happily went along with my selfish wishes. In fact, it was a bit of a struggle to get the kid to stop.   But my milk started fading, and I got tired of the whole thing.   I didn't want it to go on forever, so I gently forced an ending.  Maybe THAT was my true selfish act of mothering. But you know what?  Sometimes it's okay to make a selfish decision....even when you're a mom.  

Believe it or not...breastfeeding toddlers and young children is a healthy, and a natural part of being a hairless ape.   Another natural...or typical aspect of being a hairless ape is having ignorant hyperbole sprout out of your mouth.  Why do people judge others for doing the RIGHT thing simply because they're ignorant of the facts?   Is it school that causes people to be closed-minded, ignorant, and quick to judge? Could it be a lack of appropriate nutrition during early childhood?  Maybe these people didn't get enough breast milk?  Were they weaned too early?  If nature has intended us to breastfeed for 2-7 years and society has pushed the weaning age to be much lower than that.....could this have negative and dangerous ramifications?  

Would human society be better off if more mothers selfishly made the disgusting choice to not wean their children prematurely? And what if they breastfed babies and toddlers who were not their own?  What if more kids got breast milk instead of fake stuff filled with artificial chemicals?    Would it be a bad thing or a good thing?