Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe We've Found Another Source

My brother-in-law emailed me a British store he found. It's in Texas, about 40 minutes from us.    They also sell Australian stuff. They say they have stuff at their store that they don't have on their online store. That's good, because I don't see any treacle toffee. I think that's probably our favorite British thing.

Oh!  And we had these AWESOME caramel things in Disney World. They sold them at Epcot for a ridiculous price, but Tim picked them up at the grocery store for us.

My birthday has been a mixture of good and bad. I got a TON of birthday wishes on Facebook. I don't think I've EVER gotten that much attention on my birthday. I guess there are benefits to Facebook.   It made me feel loved. least it made me feel noticed. I guess there is a difference.     

I had some moments of almost suicidal depression. But it went away in a few minutes. Maybe there was a Dementor on our street. 

Okay, honestly. Tthe depression lasted for longer than a few minutes. But the suicidal part lasted for only about 40 seconds. I'm okay. I did the whole trick of thinking of a happy thought. For today, my happy thought was my dreams.I have awesome dreams.  Of course, I have a trillion other happy things. It's just when you have a Dementor on your back, the happy thoughts easily become tainted.  The dream thing was the one thing I could think of in a fully positive way.   

Back to the food thing. We ate some of the lemon biscuits today. They're pretty awesome.   

I think we'll go to the British/Australian store in December or January.   We already have a lot of Australian food. Jack still has his Halloween candy. We have a huge bag of candy corn that Tim bought on sale.  We have a few British candy bars left.  And I just ordered some health-conscious chocolate stuff from my friend.