Saturday, November 27, 2010

Go, Penny Wong!

I'm happy to see Penny Wong in the news defending gay marriage. Maybe she can fix some things in the Labor Party.  I'll admit I've lost my love for them lately.  My heart used to swell a bit when I received emails from the party.  Now I see them and kind of just make a face.

The article says that Wong has previously been fairly silent about the issue. But now she's made a speech.  I wonder if the speech is available.  I shall go check.

Here's her Parliamentary website. Wong is Minister for Finance and Deregulation now. Did I know that?  I'm not sure.

The most recent speech they have is from 9 November, and I don't think it's about gayness.   

The article says that although Wong did not speak publicly about her feelings, she did try to make changes WITHIN the party.  At least, I think that's what the article is saying.  Hopefully, I'm not misinterpreting things.

I guess what she's talking about is the stuff that people like me are thinking. What's the deal? Penny Wong is gay.  How can she sit there and let her party be such hypocritical wimps! But I get it. Just because she wasn't speaking out about it to our ears (and eyes), she may have been trying to make changes in her own quiet way.

But now she IS speaking out.  I do think that's kind of important, personally.  But no worries if it took her a little time.

Yesterday I had to deal with homophobia at the lake house.  I didn't hear the beginning of the conversation, but my dad was talking about how there is more variety in the people we see on television. There are more gay and lesbian folks. There're more interracial relationships.   I don't think my dad has any problems with this.  I think he was just pointing out that times are a changing.

One of the Republicans started talking about how it was all part of the Liberal Agenda. I'm a VERY sweet person, but sometimes my fangs and claws come out. So I said something like Well, you know why I married Tim and Melissa married Fred (Spanish-Peruvian dude). It's not that we loved these guys.  It was part of our Liberal agenda. We wanted to bring nonwhite people into the family.

The Republican guy got all defensive, and told me he had no problem with people of different races.   He said he was talking about the gay and lesbianism issue. Yes, because some kinds of bigotry are okay.


I love this guy.  He's family.  But I did have an urge to strangle him.

At times like this, I'm SO tempted to blurt out that I'm bisexual. Probably just to make a point.

I've been thinking maybe I could be bisexual, though  Could I?  I mean what are the true qualifications?  I TOTALLY love breasts.   The vulva kind of grosses me out. But then I'm not a big fan of the penis either. It's looks like an ugly fat earth worm.

I'm not interested in getting together with a woman.   But still.....

Could I say I'm a non-practicing bisexual?  Non-practicing unless Anna Paquin wants to give me a chance.