Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lamington at Epcot

Here's a photo of Jack and I eating a Lamington at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

You can't see much of my face (probably a good thing). But you can see my Australian fairy bread t-shirt. I've ended up having to wear that shirt a lot, because I brought only four t-shirts for wearing outside the hotel room. Two of them have the fairy bread thing.  I brought dresses to wear, but I realized I like having pockets for my stuff. It works better that way in the parks.

Here's Tim standing in line for the Lamington.  There were LOTS of long lines last night. Disney World is way too crowded right now. Last year, we went the first week in November, and it was much better.   

Here's a close-up of the Lamington. I was shamefully not too excited about standing in line for cake with chocolate and coconut. It was Jack that insisted.  But I ended up enjoying it.   

In other news....I thought there was a possibility that we might have an Australian spending Thanksgiving Weekend with us. I misunderstood an email and thought he'd have no place to stay.   So we offered meals, boarding, and our companionship (which would likely psychologically traumatize the Australian for life).  It turns out they are coming to Texas to visit others. We might have a chance for a short visit. We shall see.

Anyway, I went up to pee last night, and that's when I saw the email saying they'd be visiting people too far away from us, and it wouldn't work out well.  I went back to sleep and dreamed about this Australian.

He becomes all philosophical and preachy in an email. He writes about how we should respect so-called weeds, because it might be something that someone planted awhile ago. And it might not be worthless.   

I look around our backyard, and see that seeds we planted years ago have sprouted and turned into wonderful things. We have cucumbers and other vegetables. Not only that, but all the veggies have attracted abundant wildlife. There are cute little frogs. I hold one....kind of worried that it might be a venomous type.    

We also have goats, and I'm happy about that.

 This is the second time in the last few months that I've had a dream about seeds being planted, forgotten about, and then turning into a wonderful garden. They were both very happy dreams. They seem to have a positive message.