Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Australian Thing On The Simpsons

After watching a hilarious and adorable episode of Modern Family, we watched this year's Treehouse of Horror special. In the third segment, they did a parody of Dead Calm.  

With Australia-obsessive smugness, I told Tim that it was an Australian thing. But besides Nicole Kidman, I couldn't remember what's Australian about it. I thought it probably had an Australian director, one who later made popular movies in America.  I couldn't remember which director it was, though. We had to consult our old friend IMDb.

The answer?  Phillip Noyce. He also made Rabbit Proof Fence. And he does the Tom Clancy movies.  

While watching The Simpsons, we slowed down the commercial skipping on the DVR to watch a trailer for Glee. I felt a little bad for dissing Ryan Murphy's previous project in my previous post, because in the new Ryan Murphy show they're doing an anti-bullying episode.   I think anti-bullying is kind of one of my passions. The episode looks pretty least in an after school special kind of way.