Monday, November 15, 2010

Surprise! America is....GONE!

I'm not the only one who spent time with an Aussie author in Disney World. Tim has been enjoying John Birmingham's Without Warning on his Kindle.  I get the credit for introducing him to Birmingham.  I had two out of three of the Axis of Time trilogy. I suggested to Tim that he read them. And there you go.

I asked Tim if there was a sequel to the book, and he didn't know.  I shall have good news for him once he returns from picking up a Tinker Bell package.  There IS a sequel.  He can start it as soon as he finishes the other.  

I'm still reading Just William.  It's sweet, but I'd rather be reading Twilight.  Seriously. For some reason, I'm in a vampire mood.  I think it's because when I was walking (trying to burn Disney calories!) I played this solitary silent game of guessing people's ages.   I saw this woman, and she kind of looked like Kristen Stewart. I thought of Bella. AND last night I dreamed about vampires.   It was more of a Sookie thing. I dreamed I was her (or like her) and one of the vampires wanted to turn me into a vampire. I was all desperately panicked about the whole thing.