Sunday, December 7, 2014

Food From Simply Australian

As I mentioned in a recent post, I used an old gift certificate to order food from Simply Australian. Yesterday the package arrived. Today I opened it.  Why didn't I open it yesterday? I don't know, really. I guess we were busy.

Oh! I remember. I felt a bit nauseated. That's why. I wasn't really in the mood to look at food.

Today I opened the package and then decided to divide the food. I made a bag of (mostly) chocolate, and designated it as being just for me. Selfish? Maybe. But there's a lot of stuff left for Jack and Tim. First of all, I bought Shapes for Jack that I won't eat, because they're chicken flavor. Tim might have some. Then I bought lemon biscuits. I'll eat a few, yes. But they're mostly for Tim and Jack, because they're more into biscuits them I am.   Then I have another collection of chocolate and other candies that are up for grabs. They'll be there for whoever wants to eat them.

I almost forgot. I also bought a bag of black licorice. I'd share it, because I'm so nice like that. But Tim and Jack won't be interested.

Here are some pictures of the food.

Shapes, Licorice, and Biscuits

Well, that's one photo. I keep trying to add another, and it keeps going to the top of the post. What the hell is that all about?
I'm going to try again....

There! It worked. I think I just needed to write out that complaining sentence above. Anyway, that photo is of the chocolate and lollies I'm willing to share. Or are chocolates classified as lollies?

On the Simply Australian website, they have sections for both chocolate and lollies, so I'm kind of going by that.  I kind of think of lollies as candy that's not a chocolate thing.

There's not much there, as you can see. Just the racist Wonka ones.  I'm not sure Butter Menthol would count as a lolly. Probably not.  I bought those in case one of our flu shots fail us.

Now here's a photo of the stuff I'm hoarding.

I actually already ate the Dairy Milk Snack bar thing. I did that before remembering I want to write a post with photos.  Or actually, I started eating it.  Then I was trying to eat and play photographer at the same time. So...I borrowed the other Dairy Milk Snack Bar from the sharing stash.  

Anyway...for any Americans wanting to try Australian food or Australians expats in America that are homesick, I recommend Simply Australian.  I say that just because I've never had any problems from them. I haven't tried much else, so I'm not sure if there's a place with better prices or a better selection.

What I like though about Simply Australian is they have good deals. It seems like almost every other day, they send out a coupon code.  They usually offer a five dollar discount, but sometimes it will be more. Then other times, they'll offer a freebie if you order.  That's what happened with this shipment. I got ten free Santas.  

They also offer nice discounts of food that's about to expire or already expired.  For this shipment, the Crunchie, Aero, and Licorice are close to their best buy dates.  I like ordering that stuff, because A) it's cheaper and B) I feel I'm helping food not be wasted.  

On top of all this Aussie food, we also have Tim Tams.  That was part of my parent's birthday gift to me. We already ate one package of them, but we have another left.  

And we still have Halloween candy. 

And ice-cream left from my birthday celebration.

And a blueberry pie that was left over from Thanksgiving.

Speaking of pumpkin, we have an old can of pumpkin...not the stuff that Australians put in their soup and salad. We call that squash.  

I should shut up now....probably.

If you have a chance, please tell me some stuff.  Have you eaten any of the food in my photos?  If so, what do you like? Dislike?  Have you ever ordered from Simply Australian? Or have you ever ordered food from a store that sells foreign food?  For example, maybe you're Australian and ordered American goodies. Or maybe you're British and ordered South African goodies Or maybe you're Mexican and ordered Korean goodies.  Stuff like that.  Anything? Anyone?

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