Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sharyn Hodgson Is In My Subconscious This Week

For some reason, twice this week, I've dreamed about Sharyn Hodgson (Carly on Home and Away) Although her name wasn't in it, because I didn't quite know it. I had to go look that up (for the purpose of writing down the dream).

A couple of days ago, I dreamed: I'm with Tim.  My back is to the TV. He tells me Carly is in the movie. I'm surprised he knows who she is, and I'm also surprised to find she's in something besides Home and Away. 

Then that night there were other Home and Away related dreams. There was something with a boat, and then something with Steven and Viv.

Last night I dreamed: I live with Sharyn Hodgson. I suddenly decide to tell her I've watched Home and Away. She's not happy about this and seems to be accusing me of being a stalker. I tell her that would be the case if I watched the show and then came to live with her. But I watched it after living with her. I compare it to going to see a play your friend's in. Wouldn't most people appreciate that? A partial third party says some people would be but not everyone. I decide to leave, with the hope that maybe one day Hodgson will forgive me and come to look for me.  

I walk with my backpack and then start to worry she won't come find me, because she'll have no idea where I am. I also worry I didn't bring enough (or any?) money in my backpack.  

I seem to be in Australia, and I'm hoping to find a beach.

I then find Melbourne. It seems I had passed it before, but didn't visit. Now I decide to visit. To get there, you climb a staircase and then pay a small fee to enter.  I climb the stairs, and accidentally drop a small baby doll I was carrying. I worry people will see and think I dropped a real baby.

Then later I had a reboot of the same dream. It's almost like I wanted to dream it again, so I could be sure of the details. Maybe because I knew I'd be wanting to write about it on my blog.

The details changed, though. In this one.... I seem to be in a shop or restaurant.  Sharyn Hodgson is behind a counter with someone else. They mention Home and Away.  I blurt out that I've watched it, but I say it in a way that definitely indicates I watched the show BEFORE meeting her. Hodgson seems horrified. I make attempts to change the story, but it seems to be too late.  

I have no idea why I dreamed about Hodgson, and no idea why my subconscious feels accused of being a stalker.

I also had two lesbian-related dreams this week, and a weird random dream with Jodie Foster announcing she feels mortified when I tell her she can't sniff her drugs in front of our kids.  That dream ended with me peeing in a pantry that had unmelted popsicles.

I don't know what's going on with my mind.