Saturday, April 23, 2016

Myles Pollard, Wickedness, Thunderdome, and Locations

1. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

2. Surprised to see a McLeod's Daughters star on the episode.

I forgot the actor's name.

I'll go look it up.

3. Saw that it's Myles Pollard.

According to IMDb, he was on forty-two episodes of Home and Away; though the first nine were in 2007 as a different character. Back then he was Dane Jordans. In 2015, he played James Edmunds.

4. Saw that Pollard is going to be in the upcoming film Jasper Jones.

I haven't read that book yet, which makes me feel kind of bad. I know it's an important piece of Aussie literature.

5. Started to wonder if Charlotte (Erika Heynatz) isn't as horrible a person as I've been imagining.

She threatened one of her students about keeping a secret, and she's plotting something. She SEEMS wicked. She's definitely doing wicked things.  But I have this idea that maybe she's a good person doing wicked things for a good reason.

I'm not saying having good intentions excuses wicked behavior.

What am I saying then?

I don't know.

I guess it's that if you take wicked people, some might be doing bad things for very selfish and immature reasons. Other people might be doing them for more sympathetic or noble reasons.

It's like with thieves.There's a difference between stealing money to buy yourself the hottest new sneakers and stealing money to buy medicine that your grandmother needs.

And then there's murder.There's a difference between murdering someone because you want to steal his cool sunglasses and murdering someone because you come from the future and want to stop an assassination.

6. Finished watching the episode.

I'm thinking that Charlotte's reasoning for her wickedness comes somewhere in between pure selfishness and having a noble cause.

Or maybe my idea was wrong, and she's just a wicked bitch.

She did continue with an affair with a student though she knew that was illegal. She then dumped him without any real consideration for his feelings. And she threatened another student in order to keep the affair a secret.

Charlotte is definitely selfish, immoral, and inconsiderate. Is she all bad, though? Does she have a good side?

7. Started watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

So far, it has nice music and scenery.

I also like the camels.

I saw a young girl. I'm wondering if she's Justine Clarke.

8. Wondered where the movie was filmed.

I think I heard that part of it was filmed in Broken Hill. Any other places?

9. Looked at IMDb for filming locations.

Some parts were filmed in the Blue Mountains.

10. Surprised to see Broken Hill NOT mentioned.

Maybe the first one was filmed there?  Or maybe it's just the third one that was supposed to be there.  I remember reading that because of the weather, they had to relocate to Africa.

Anyway, it looks like a lot of the outback stuff was filmed in Cooper Pedy.

Then there's also some stuff in Sydney.

11. Saw that the first Mad Max was also not filmed in Broken Hill.

Did I just dream up the Broken Hill thing? this a case of the Mandela Effect?  Maybe in another universe, George Miller filmed his masterpiece in Broken Hill.

In THIS universe (that I'm writing in now) it looks like most of the first Mad Max movie was filmed in Victoria.

12. Saw that maybe IMDb is the one with the problem.


Never mind.

It's me.

This is what I got wrong. I thought Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was the second Mad Max movie.
It turns out it's the third.

I found this article which talks about the second one. It's called Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. That's the one that was filmed in Broken Hill and Silverton.

13. Wondered if I should watch the second movie before the third.

But then I decided that maybe chose for me to watch the third one for a reason.

If I ever get around to watching the second one, it'll be like a prequel to me.

14. Wondered if the film is supposed to take place in Australia.

Or is it more of a generalized and/or mythical setting?

15. Decided to consult Lord Wiki about the first movie—get some background information.

16. Saw Australia mentioned in the plot, so I guess it does take place in Australia.

The story is dystopian; though Lord Wiki doesn't say much about why the world has become the way it is.

17. Thought that in terms of tourism, making the movie in so many locations is probably helpful.

I wonder if there are huge Mad Max fans that have traveled to all the filming locations.

18. Imagined with the release of the new movie, there could be new fans who are now going back to watch the old movies.  They might decide to take a trip to Australia—visit Sydney, Cooper Pedy, Melbourne, the Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, Silverton, etc.

There could also be Australian fans who haven't explored the outback. The movies might inspire them to do so.

19. Figured something nuclear happened to cause the dystopian world.

There's a sign for an atomic cafe and earlier, someone mentioned fallout.

Isn't fallout usually related to nuclear stuff?

20. Looked online.

The dictionary says Fallout is, the radioactive particles that are produced by a nuclear explosion and that fall through the atmosphere.

21. Checked to see if Tina Turner is still alive.

I couldn't remember if she is, or not.

She is.

That's good.

22. Learned that Thunderdome is a fighting arena.

23. Thought the fight scene between Max (Mel Gibson) and The Blaster (Paul Larsson) was very exciting.

I'm liking this movie so far.

24. Thought Max was rude.

He's in the desert, not doing very well.

A monkey brings him a canteen of water. Max doesn't say thank you. Nor does he offer any water to the monkey.

25. Thought about how Max is dehydrated, and maybe dehydration is a good excuse for being rude.

26. Saw Justine Clarke.

Or at least I think that's her.

I'm pretty sure it is. It does look like her. I doubt the movie would have Justine Clarke AND another actress who looks like her.

27. Thought the children scenes in the movie are similar to the ones in Hook—especially when the kids are shouting at Max to fly.

28. Stopped watching the movie for today.

I shall watch more in the near future.