Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Truth Comes Out, Wish You Were Here, Crossing the Line, and Home and Away Actors

1. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

2. Agreed with Nate (Kyle Pryor) about his reputation being tarnished from Billie's (Tessa de Josselin) assault accusations.  

I know of three actors who were charged with sexual assault. They were all acquitted; yet I can't get the allegations out of my head. 

I don't assume they're innocent, because the charges were dropped. I don't assume they were guilty because someone made accusations. I'm just left wondering.

3. Enjoyed seeing Chris (Johnny Ruffo) getting Billie in trouble with the police.

This morning I was thinking that one of my favorite storylines is when someone is lying and hurting others with their lie. Then they get caught. 

Coronation Street has a lot of storylines like that. There's the one where Kirsty accused Tyrone of domestic abuse.  Many people in the neighborhood were against him. Then it came out things were reversed. Kirsty was the one abusing Tyrone.

There was the secret that Karl had started the fire at the Rovers and the one where Rob committed the murder that put his enemy in prison.  

There was also a less intense storyline. Head-injured Nick started faking headaches to make his estranged wife feel guilty. Everyone believed him, but not his wife. She was villainized for daring to think Nick was being manipulative. Finally he confessed that he had been faking the whole thing.  

4. Thought that more storylines have the viewers knowing the truth, and we have to wait for it to be revealed rather than keeping the viewer, as well, in the dark.

I wonder how the Billie/Nate storyline would have been different if the viewer wasn't shown the attack.   

Which type of storyline is more compelling and entertaining to the viewer—where we know the truth or when we don't know the truth?  

5. Wondered what it would be like if we didn't know Brax (Stephen Peacocke) was still alive. What if, like Ricky (Bonnie Sveen), we thought him to be truly dead?  

6. Finished watching the episode.

7. Realized I like Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) and Ash (George Mason) together.

8. Started watching the rest of Wish You Were Here.

9. Watched a powerful scene in the movie.  

Alice (Felicity Price) is angry and upset, because she's learned that Dave, her husband (Joel Edgerton) has had sex with her sister (Teresa Palmer).  

Unfortunately, Dave didn't read the memo about singing "Six at Best".  

Alice gets drunk, which is a problem, because she's pregnant.  

I could kind of relate.

No, I never got drunk when pregnant.

But I've had times where I've been very angry, and could feel myself slipping into craziness. It's like I'm looking at myself and seeing that I've crossed the line that divides the mentally stable and mentally unstable.  

10. Felt grateful that, so far, I've never done anything very dangerous or harmful when crossing the line.  AND I've always been able to quickly get back to the okay side. I know that's definitely a blessing.

11. Read a chapter from Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies.  It is SO my life—fights between children turning into fights between their parents. I am pretty sure all the fights my sisters and I've had with each other the past ten to fifteen years have involved our children.  

What the hell did we fight about before we had kids?

12. Thought that although Wish You Were Here had a weak beginning, the rest of it seems quite compelling.

Though I still have about fifteen minutes left.

I'm not sure I'll like how it ends.

13. Started to feel more forgiving of the coyness at the beginning of the movie.

With what I'm seeing now, I'm starting to understand why the filmmakers made the choices that they did.

14. Impressed with Joel Edgerton's acting.

15. Started to actually love the beginning of the film.

I didn't like it yesterday, because it made me feel disconnected.  But now those feelings make so much sense, because it turns out Dave is very disconnected from his own life. So my feelings actually matched the character's.

16. Finished watching the movie.  I thought it was very good...though also quite scary.

The idea I got from it is although being spontaneous and adventurous can sometimes lead us to wonderful things, other times it can really shit on our lives.

17.  Spent some time on Joel Edgerton's filmography.  I really like him, so I was hoping to find more of his movies on Netflix and Hulu.

I had no luck.

Sometimes I'm very grateful for all the content that Netflix and Hulu provides, and other times I'm disappointed.

It's not just with Australia stuff, but homeschooling as well. I'll be looking for historical movies, or something like that, and I end up finding the selection to be quite limited.

18. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

I ended up with Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Hulu IS quite good at having old classic Aussie movies.

19. Wondered if I'll like the Mad Max film.  I don't think I've ever seen any of them—maybe just bits and pieces.

20. Looked at the cast of Mad Mad Beyond Thunderdome.

I forgot Justine Clarke is in it! Though I actually remembered just before seeing her name.

It will be fun to see her. This is before even her Home and Away days.

21. Saw another Home and Away alumni...Rebekah Elmaloglou!She'll be a young teen as well.

22. Saw yet ANOTHER 1980's Home and Away person—Adam Willits.

I'm getting kind of excited about seeing this!

23. Decided to go through every actor in the cast and see if anyone else has been on Home and Away. 

24. Decided to trust my intuition about Tina Turner NOT being on Home and Away. I skipped clicking on her name.

25. Saw that George Spartels wasn't on Home and Away, but he was on Neighbours.

26. Saw that Mark Kounnas was on Home and Away but only one episode.

The same goes for Shane Tickner.

27. Looked at Sandie's Lillingston's filmography and was reminded that she played Stacey Macklin on Home and Away.  I remember her!

28.  Saw Ben Chesterman was in one episode of Home and Away, and so was DAN Chesterman.  Maybe they're brothers?

29. Found another one-episode Home and Away actor—Shari Flood.

30. Decided to stop mentioning the actors who were in only one episode. This is getting tedious.

31. Finished going through the list.