Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oliver Robins, Leah's Emergency, Hospital Building, and 11.22.63

1. Looked up Oliver Robins, the actor from Poltergeist.

Last night, I suddenly had the urge to see if he was up to something. I'm not sure what sparked that. 

I looked his name up on my IMDb app on my phone. There I saw that one of his upcoming projects takes place in Australia.

But now I'm looking at Oliver Robin's IMDb page on my laptop, and I'm not seeing the project.

It could be that I dreamed about the Oliver Robins-Australia project, and I'm confusing my dreams with reality. I kind of doubt that, though. It seemed quite real.

I'm guessing the better explanation is that the IMDb website doesn't have upcoming projects.

2. Remembered that I've often seen upcoming projects on IMDb.

Maybe I DID dream it.

Anyway, the Oliver Robins-Australia project was quite interesting to me, because it combines two of my big life obsessions.

I've had many obsessions in my life, but the three biggest were/are the Poltergeist movies, Cystic Fibrosis, and Australia.

Australia has lasted the longest, by the way.  

3. Went to get my phone. It's been downstairs charging.

I didn't dream up the Oliver Robins-Australia project.

It IS on the IMDb app.  Although it might be a joke?  

The project is called Oliver Robins: Cure of the Child Star.  It's a horror-comedy and one of those things where an actor plays a version of themselves.

Robins goes to Australia to meet with an Aboriginal spirit guide he saw advertising on the Internet. Then he gets stuck there, because he used his life savings to travel. I guess he didn't buy a round trip ticket?  Or maybe he loses the money? From the description, it seems that the spirit guide is a fraud.  

4. Wondered if the project is real.  

Did they start filming yet?  Is there a screenplay?   

5. Googled the name of the project on my laptop, and saw that there IS a page for it on IMDb. It's part of IMDbPro.

So, I guess you can get IMDbPro information for free by downloading the IMDb app.

On my laptop, I can see a page about the project, but no information is provided. They tell me I need IMDbPro to find out more.  

6.  Saw that I AM able to see the plot summary—if I go through Google search.  

I guess you can see IMDbPro stuff, but you have to know what you're looking for.  You have to Google it directly. If I go to Oliver Robin's IMDb page, there's nothing there about the project. There's no links to it on his page.

7.  Looked up one of the writers for the project—Anthony Salamon.  

There's an Anthony Salamon on Twitter that lists himself as living in Sydney and Los Angeles.  

He was not very impressed with Mad Max: Fury Road.  He thought it was overrated. 

8. Looked at Salamon's likes on Twitter. I was hoping there'd be something about the Oliver Robins project.

I didn't see that, but he does seem to have some love for Disneyland.  

Disney World has been one of my life obsessions but not as big as the Poltergeist, Cystic Fibrosis, and Australia ones. It IS big for Jack, though. It's huge for him.  

9. Wondered if there WAS an Oliver Robins project but then it was canceled. Maybe they never removed it from IMDb.

10. Sent a Tweet to Salamon asking about the project.  I don't know if he'll read it or answer. He doesn't seem to be a daily Twitter user.  

His last post was on March 13.

He did have something on his like page from March 31, so he might visit more than he posts.

11. Looked up the other name associated with the film.

It's Russell Cunningham.  

He's a producer. Lord Wiki says he's working on an Aussie film called The Legend of Ben Hall. 

12. Wondered if this Russell Cunningham on Twitter is the same Russell Cunningham that produces movies.

He's listed as being in London and works as a production editor for Guardian Sports.

BUT there are some mentions of Australia.

For example, he has a link to a quiz about Australian English.  

The idea of an Australian living in London doesn't surprise me at all.  

What does make me question whether it's the producer Russell Cunningham is that he seems more interested in sports than filmmaking.

Though I'm very much into Australia, and I hardly post anything about Australia on my Twitter. That's because I put my Australia stuff here. My Twitter is usually reserved for other stuff that interests me.

13. Started watching an episode of Home and Away. 

14. Saw Leah (Ada Nicodemou) having a scary medical disaster after her aneurysm surgery.

VJ (Matthew Little) feels guilty, because he pushed for his mom to have the surgery. I don't blame him for feeling guilty. He really did push hard.

On the other hand, I don't blame him for pushing, because the aneurysm was causing a lot of problems for Leah.

15. Felt that Leah will probably be okay but checked on IMDb to be sure.

Ada Nicodemou continues to be on Home and Away in 2016. 

16. Wondered what building is used to stand in for the Summer Bay hospital.

And is it in Summer Bay?  Maybe it's in Yabbie Creek?  I consulted Lord Wiki. He mentions a Yabbie Creek hospital, but doesn't say anything about Nate (Kyle Pryor) working there, so I figured there's another hospital.  

It seems like a pretty big hospital for such a small town.

Or maybe Summer Bay is not as small as I imagine.  

17. Started looking at the Back to the Bay website

They have a list of filming locations, but I'm not sure if they have a list of Summer Bay locations.   

It confuses me. 

18. Went back to Lord Wiki again and reread.

He says the Yabbie Creek hospital is the closest one to Summer Bay. Maybe he just hasn't updated lately to talk about Nate.

19. Saw that the hospital is called Northern District Hospital.

20. Continued to try to find information about the building, and failed.

I'm sure it's not used a lot. I don't think they usually show the building at all, and if they do, I don't think any actors are in scenes.

I think it's just used for a rare exterior shot.  

21. Finished watching the episode of Home and Away.

22.. Started to watch an episode of Killing Time.

23. Saw Reef Ireland and Kris McQuade in a scene together and remembered they also worked together on Wentworth.  They were mother and son on that show.  I'm not sure if that's the case with Killing Time.  Jason Ryan (Ireland) lives in Kath Pettingill's (McQuade) household, but I'm not sure if he's her son or not.  

24. Consulted Lord Wiki. 

He doesn't list Ryan as one of Pettingill's sons.

Maybe he's a nephew, or a grandchild?

25. Did some more reading.

Ryan is Pettingill's grandchild.  

26. Looked for Ryan's mother (Vicki Brooks) in the cast/character list for Killing Time.  I don't see her name, so I guess that character was left out of the series.

27. Saw that one of the actors in Killing Time (Fletcher Humphrys) played Brick on McLeod's Daughters.

I thought it looked a little bit like him, but I didn't think it was him.

28. Saw that Anthony Salamon answered my Tweet.

He is the right one—is making an Oliver Robins-Australia film.  

That's pretty exciting.

I look forward to hearing more about it.

29. Wanted to mention that Tim and I have been watching Daniel Webber portray Lee Harvey Oswald in 11.22.63.

I think he's great in the role, and Tim thinks there's a strong resemblance between him and the real Oswald.  

Webber's Oswald reminds me a lot of his stalker character on Home and Away. They have the same kind of social-awkwardness. I can imagine Webber being typecasted.  

Oh! And yesterday when I was stalking him on IMBb, I saw that he starred in a Doctor Who spin-off—K-9 .  I wonder what that character was like.  

30. Thought I should add that Marina Oswald is also played by an Aussie. Lucy Fry. I'm not familiar with her Australian work, but I saw she that she was in one of the mermaid shows.  

31. Thought it would be interesting to hear Fry speaking in an Australian accent rather than a Russian one.