Thursday, April 28, 2016

Xenia Goodwin, Cleaver Greene, Safety Video, and episode 220.

1. Dreamed that, I look in the mirror while wearing a fake nose. I decide that I look like Xenia Goodwin. 

I was thinking that dream seemed totally random, but then I remembered that yesterday I mentioned Dance Academy.  

2. Thought of the TV show Rake.

I went on Flickr and saw Tim had left a comment on one of my photos.  He said our cat looks young in a photo. I wrote back, You're right! He does!

I realized what I said was ridiculous. What does that mean, he's right? Tim's not right or wrong. He shared an opinion, and I agreed with him.   

That's why I thought about Rake. There's a s scene where Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) bitches out a woman because when she listens to someone, she  says something like "right" or "yes", as if she's giving her approval.  

3. Found the scene on YouTube.

The woman uses the word "correct". 

4. Deleted my comment to Tim after hearing Cleaver Greene's rant. He totally shamed me.

5. Remembered that the past few years it's been a verbal fad to say, I know! Right?

That's different, though. That's more like we're saying, I agree! Do you agree with me agreeing? Aren't we like totally together on this?  

My response to Tim wasn't like that. It was egotistical and snobby.  As Cleaver Greene says, Oh well. It's sort of like a school teacher talking to a ten year-old.  You know? You're not actually agreeing. You're approving. It's as if the statement isn't valid until you deem it so.  

6. Hoped that I don't often act like the woman on the show.

7. Watched a beautiful, amazing, and brilliant Qantas safety video, that was featured in an article I read on my phone.

Each piece of safety guidance is given by a different Australian in a different location 

It's not just a safety video but a tourist promotion video as well.  

The video has some interesting visual euphemisms. For example, the crash position is demonstrated with a yoga class getting into position on their yoga balls.  

For the message about leaving belongings behind, in the event of an emergency, a woman is shown leaving her bag behind as she happily slides down a nature-created water slide.

8. Wanted to link to the article, but couldn't find it on my laptop. Maybe it's only available on mobile devices??

9. Tried again, and found the article.

Well, it seemed doubtful that there are articles written that are available on phones but not on laptops.

10.  Saw that I was likely wrong, the other day, when I said that the rhinos coming to live in Australia wouldn't take an airplane.

I just saw an article which talks about lions being airlifted from Latin America back to Africa.

If a plane can take lions, I'm sure one could also take rhinos.

Rhinos are heavy, but it's not like they have to take all of them at the same time.

11. Started to watch the 220th episode of season 28 of Home and Away.

Yesterday I watched the 230th episode.  The reason is I learned that Hulu is losing Home and Away. I lost the motivation to continue watching in a normal manner, since I have little time left. I decided to, instead, do something fun and weird.

I guess it's just a way for me to see more of the season before saying good-bye.

12. Saw that this is around the time that Maddie (Kassandra Clementi) and Oscar (Jake Speer) broke up.

In the episode I watched yesterday, they were over. Maddie was moving on with Matt (Alec Snow)

13. Saw Nate (Kyle Prior) text Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) asking if she's up. She texts back.Duh, single mum.  Come over.

Yes, because mothers with a partner get to sleep in until 9:00 each morning.

I do imagine that being a single parent is often more challenging than being a parent with a partner. But I think some single parents idealize the life of the parent who is not single.

The thing is, though we might not be full-time single, we do experience part-time singleness—some of us more than others. Our partners travel out of town. Sometimes they work out of town. When they're in town, they might work late. They might go out with friends. When they are at home, they might be too tired and distracted to help a lot.

I think with most parenting partners, it's not going to be a 50/50 partnership. One parent is often going to spend more time with the child and do more childcare work.

14. Thought that Raechelle Banno, on the show, has a slight resemblance to Diana Glenn.

15. Felt the two people I will miss most from Home and Away are Maddie and Matt.

16. Saw that Oscar is missing. It all looks a bit ominous. He's gone but his wallet and clothes are on the beach.

BUT I know he'll be found safe and alive, because he was in the future episode I watched yesterday.

17. Finished watching the episode, and am wondering what happened to Oscar.

Tomorrow I plan to watch the 210th episode.

18. Consulted Lord Wiki about what happens to Oscar.

He was swept off to sea, and then found by Billie. She helps him. I think that's one of the ways she redeems herself in the eyes of summer bay.  I don't think the fire-rescue-hero thing worked, because people thought she had started the fire.

19. Decided to check up on Xenia Goodwin, since I dreamed about her last night. I mean to do it this morning, but got sidetracked by a zillion different things.

20. Looked at Goodwin's filmography on IMDb.

I don't think there's anything really new there.

She was on an episode of a TV show called Winter last February.  That's about it.

I was hoping to see something about The Dance Academy movie. Are there still plans for that?

21. Googled and saw that most of the news, about the movie, is from last year. I'm not sure if there's been any recent new developments.

22. Looked at the Dance Academy Twitter page. There's a Tweet from April 25 that says shooting's beginning in five weeks.

So...that's good news.

I wonder how many people from the TV show cast will be in the movie.

23. Went to Xenia Goodwin's Instagram.

I should have just gone there first. Her most recent post is of the Dance Academy film screenplay.

24. Liked Goodwin's photo of her cat and dog. They're very cute.

25. Saw that Goodwin taught a school holiday dance workshop for children.

She posted photos of herself with the kids and wrote a nice message. It's very sweet.

26. Looked at the brochure for the workshop. It looks quite prestigious. If having a Dance Academy star as your teacher isn't exciting enough, another one of the other teachers is a choreographer for Bindi Irwin.

27. Thought that the school sounds very nice. Well, there's the fact that Goodwin wrote the nice message on her Instagram.  But also, with the dress code, they say, The dress code is not strict. Please wear casual dance wear, something that you already have and feel comfortable in eg. Lycra dance tights and top, leotard tights with skirt or shorts over the top, track pants and t-shirt/singlet top.  They do request that you bring the appropriate dance shoes, but that's quite understandable.

28. Saw that Goodwin taught the eight and nine-year-olds.

I wonder if it was her first time teaching.

29. Noticed that the Instagram post is from eighty-two weeks ago. Wow. And here I was thinking the dance class was fairly recent.

30. Saw that that brochure is for June/June 2015. So I guess they had the class the next year.

I wonder if there will be a 2016 session.

31. Watched the recap of season one of Water Rats. I forgot about all the exciting stuff that happened.

32. Thought about how I saw Colin Friels recently in Killing Time. He was a criminal on that show, and on Water Rats, he's a cop. But I think the personality of both characters are kind of similar.

33. Started watching the first episode of season two of Water Rats.

34. Saw, on IMDb, that Marshall Napier is in this episode.

I like him.

35. Saw Aaron Jeffrey.

I totally forgot he was on the show.

Napier and Jeffrey played father and son on McLeod's Daughters.

36. Learned that the third season of the American TV show The Leftovers is going to take place in Australia.

Learning that made be slightly regret that I stopped watching it.

Well, actually.  I barely started. I think we watched only the first episode or two.

37. Wondered if The Leftovers will have many Australian actors.

38. Remembered that Lost, Damon Lindelof's other show, also had a strong Australian connection.  

39. Thought it was sweet that the police officers, on Water Rats, allow the escaped prisoner (John Walton) to watch his daughter at her gymnastics class.  He escaped custody just to go see her.

I also think it was sweet that this prisoner took such a huge risk just so he can see his daughter. He doesn't insist on talking to her or getting up close to her.  He just wants the chance to watch her.

And he gets all emotional while watching her. That's kind of lovely.

40. Wondered about the song playing at the end of the show.

It kind of reminds me of a Rebecca Lavelle kind of thing. I wonder if its her. Or do I just have McLeod's Daughters on my mind because of Napier and Jeffries?

41. Thought that Water Rats is really into using extreme close-ups.

42. Finished watching the episode; then watched the credits to see if they'd give the name of the song in the episode.

They didn't.

They give all this other information.

Apparently it's more important for me to know who provided the food for the actors and crew and who assisted the person providing the food.  But it's not important for me to know who wrote and sang the song on the TV show.

I think there should be a law requiring TV shows to list the songs they use. Why do we have to depend on fan-based websites and message boards to get that kind of information?

43. Thankful to the Australian Television website. They have a list of songs on the show, and the song I heard is included.

The song is called "Goldie's Theme", and it wasn't sung by Lavelle. The singer is Cathi Ogden.