Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wasting Space, Water Accident Mystery, Scooter Secret Agent Actors, and Blahness

1. Thought about how my blog traffic has gone down significantly lately.

I'm pretty much writing for my future self right now.

There ARE people who are coming to my blog, but I'm not sure if they're reading or skimming to quickly find something.

I don't mind much having a very small audience...or even no audience.  I guess the only thing I worry about is whether I'm wasting my time writing and whether I'm wasting space on the Internet.

But then I think about how 2016-me likes reading about 2012-me. So I'm betting a future me will enjoy knowing what I was up to (Australia-wise) in 2016.

Also, even though not many other people are reading my posts now, there's a chance, that in the future, someone will be interested.

2. Thought about how I worry about wasting space on the Internet.

I guess, before the Internet, there might have been people who worried about wasting paper.

It's one of the problems with being prolific.

3. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

4. Confused by the show.

Brax (Stephen Peacocke) and the prison guard (Robert Jago) were run off the road, and their car fell into the water.

Despite having handcuffs, Brax was able to get out AND rescue the guard.

Then he said something to the police officer and dived back into the water.

Now he hasn't resurfaced.

I don't understand why he went back into the water.

As far as I know, there were only two people in the car. Maybe I'm wrong? Or maybe there was something super important in the car.

5. Saw that the cast list for this episode has Roberto Jago and another actor playing a police officer. So maybe there were two other people, besides Brax, in the car. Maybe there was one person keeping their eye on Brax and another person driving.

6. Learned, from the show, that there was another police officer in the car.

7. Looked at some of the actors who are going to be on the episode of Killing Time that I'm watching today.

Most of them are the same as yesterday's episode.

Names that I recognize, that weren't in yesterday's episode, are Ben Schumann, Tony Nikolakopoulos, and Talia Zucker.

I wasn't sure why I recognized Talia Zucker, but now I'm thinking that she too was on Scooter: Secret Agent.  Speaking of Scooter, Martin Sharpe appears in this episode too. I wonder if he'll have any lines. In yesterday's episode, he didn't.

8. Looked at Talia Zucker's filmography and saw that I'm right. She was one of the stars of Scooter: Secret Agent.

9. Saw that Tony Nikolakopoulos is not who I thought he was.

I had him confused with someone else.

BUT he too was on Scooter: Secret Agent.

Killing Time is like a Scooter: Secret Agent reunion show.

10. Started watching Killing Time.

11. Saw that Martin Sharpe might have a bigger role in this episode. I just started watching, and he's already had a line. He yelled at someone to shut up.

12. Thought that Andrew (David Wenham) was one of those conversational narcissists. He took Denise (Diana Glenn), a woman he's interested in, to the park. There he did a monologue about himself as conversational narcissists tend to do. But then he stopped and remarked that Denise hadn't told him much about herself. She told him she might if he ever stopped to take a breath.

13. Figured Andrew might still be a conversational narcissist, but because he's attracted to Denise, he's trying to behave better.

14. Thought of a conversational narcissist that I know. When I first met her, I didn't like her much because she rambled on and on about herself. Like Andrew and Denise, we were in a park.

But then later, she emailed me and was apologetic. If I remember correctly, she said she talked a lot, because she was nervous.

We ended up becoming friends, though it was an aggravating relationship for me, because she is very much a conversational narcissist. I think the initial conversation problems could have been due to nervousness, but I think the later ones were more about self-centeredness.

15. Saw Talia Zucker in the episode.

16. Finished watching the episode.

17. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a 2011 finalist film called "Bird Therapy".

It looks silly, but I'm not sure if I'll see it as a fun-silly thing, a cute-silly thing, or stupid-silly thing.

18. Started watching the film.

19. Saw that the narrator of the film is listed as being Russell the Crow.

Is that supposed to be Russell Crow?

20. Amused by the film; though I honestly didn't expect that to happen.

21. Liked Andy the pink flamingo that's NOT gay.

22. Finished watching the film.

The end was gross but clever.

And maybe that's how I'd label the film. Instead of fun-silly, cute-silly, or stupid-silly; I'd say it was clever-silly.

The film is basically a variety of birds talking about their problems in a support group. The problems are bird-type problems, but they could also apply to humans as well.

I should probably also mention that the birds are portrayed by humans in bird contests.

23. Wondered how the film would be if it was done with animation rather than with people in costumes.

Would it be better?

Would it be worse?

Equal, but different?

24. Saw from IMDb that "Bird Therapy" has seven writers, and from what I can tell, all the writers also played a bird in the film.

I wonder if they all worked on it together as a whole.  Or did each writer write their own bird lines?

25. Saw that Andrew Ryan, the actor who played the pink flamingo, was in Reef Doctors.

I'm trying to remember him.

Maybe he was the guy who was an expert on snakes?

Or was it spiders?

26. Looked at an upcoming movie called Down Under.

I found it while jumping through Lap Phan's filmography. He played the parrot in "Bird Therapy".

In Down Under, he plays Terry. I don't think it's a huge role.  But still, the movie looks interesting.  It's a dark comedy about the Cronulla Riots.  The stars include Lincoln Younes, Damon Herriman, Marshall Napier, and Justin Rosniak.

27. Thought about how Justin Rosniak played that little boy Ben on the old Home and Away episodes.

I miss the old Home and Away.  I feel the connection between it and the show I've been watching lately is so weak.

28. Wondered about Ray Meagher. Does he miss the old Home and Away days?  Is he happy with the show now?

Does he look upon the past as the good old days, or is he content enough with how things are going now?

29. Wondered about people who've watched the show through the decades.Do they prefer the show the way it was in the past, or are they content with how it is now?

30. Thought it might be different for people who've watched the show for a long time. The changes would have felt gradual.

For me, I watched the old episodes just a few years go. Then all of a sudden I came back, and it was 2015.  Everything is different, and pretty much everyONE is different.

It's like someone watching the first season of The Walking Dead; then coming back and seeing season six. The changes might be hard to accept.  Although at least there you have hungry zombies, so the loss of characters makes a lot of sense.

What's the excuse for Summer Bay? Why did so many people die or leave?

31. Decided to get back to the Down Under movie.

I'm going to read this article about it.

32.  Learned Cronulla was not filmed in Cronulla, because the director (Abe Forsythe) and crew worried the locals wouldn't be happy about the film.

33. Didn't find anything in the article that really excited me.

I'm in a blah mood, and I think this blog post is boring. Or at least I'm bored by it.

I hope future me finds it interesting.

Why would she?

I have no idea.