Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Websites Listed in My Favorite Bathroom Book (Part 11)

It's time for me to explore another website from my favorite bathroom book!

Today's website is  a place called Skyfarm. It's in the Kangaroo Valley.

Well, no never mind. Skyfarm is for sale. So it might be a bad idea to look at the information on their website. Once it gets new owners, things might change.

Or maybe it's not for sale anymore.

Here's a real estate page about the property.  It says the property last went on sale in April 2012. It seems to me it would have been sold by now. Or maybe not.

It's expensive!

Wait. I just found more information. (scrolled down!). The property was sold in May 2013 for 1.6 million.

Is it on sale again?  Maybe this real estate website hasn't been updated yet.

What led me to believe the property is for sale is, when I Googled the property, one of the results was a for-sale site. And when I went to the website, a for sale thing popped up. Maybe that's old news?

But anyway...I think I will stick with the Skyfarm site for now. It might be for sale. It might not. They may be accepting guests, or they might not.

I think we drove through the Kangaroo Valley when we drove to Gerroa. Or maybe it was when we drove to Canberra. Maybe both? I can't remember. But I remember the roads terrified me. They're high and twisty. Plus, Tim was driving on the left side of the road when he's used to driving on the right.

You know what. Now I can't remember if we went to Canberra first or Gerroa.  I think MAYBE Canberra was first.

Well, fortunately our Flickr albums have the answer.  We drove to Canberra first, and then Gerroa.

Now I'm looking at Google Maps and thinking about the word valley. Valleys are between the mountains, right? Valleys are low. So it's probably not Kangaroo Valley that terrified me. It was probably the mountains around the valley.

Now I'm going to look at the Skyfarm site.

On the enquiry page, they have a brochure you can download.

It says the property has a backdrop of rainforest. I'm guessing they mean you can see the rainforest from the back of the house, but it's not super close.

They say they have four bedrooms with ensuites. Does that mean each of the four bedrooms have their own bathroom? It does sound like that, but it could be tricky wording. There could be four bedrooms and SOME of them have bathrooms.

There's a full kitchen.

There's heating. Though I don't see any mention of air conditioning.

As for wildlife, it seems the main attraction is wallabies, wombats, and lyrebirds. Though they also have other creatures.

The website has a whole section about space. The property is quite spacious, so guests won't need to feel squished.

Page 2 of the space section has a photo of the dining and living area. It has a lot of windows, so you can feel like you're sort of outside when you're inside.

There's a section on seclusion. You get privacy, even if you come with friends.

They say there are two bedroom pavilions. I'm not sure what they mean by that.  Maybe the four bedrooms are divided into two sections?  Then each bedroom has its own gallery. What does that mean? The only type of gallery I know of is an art gallery.

I just looked up the definition of gallery. Dictionary.com says one of the definitions is
a raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a theater, church, or other public building to accommodate spectators, exhibits, etc.  Then another definition is a long covered area, narrow and open at one or both sides, used especially as a walk or corridor.

I'm guessing SkyFarm bedrooms have one of those things.

Here's a section about views. From the property, you can see the coastal hinterland, and maybe Jervis Bay. I'm confused, actually.  It's pretty, though. I see the photos.  There are trees and sky.  I like those things.

In this section, more information is provided about living arrangements.  Here they talk about verandas rather than galleries. So I think that's what you get. Each bedroom gets its own private veranda. That sounds nice.

In the four bedrooms, you can request either a king size bed or twin beds. I'm guessing that means the king size bed is two twin beds pushed together.  Still....it's nice that they provide this flexibility.  Sometimes we want to share a room with someone, but we don't want to share a bed.

Besides kitchen appliances and tools, they also provide teas, coffee, herbs, oils, and spices. That's cool!  I think places often offer this, but they don't mention it. Then we go to the grocery store and wonder whether we're going to need salt, sugar, and things like that. We buy the stuff; then arrive at our accommodations and find what we needed was already there.

Skyfarm also provides cereal, bread, butter, milk, and jam for breakfast. That's very nice!

I wonder if they also have Vegemite?  It's not mentioned, so maybe not.

This section of the site talks about the nature you might see.  The wombat gets his own big photo, so maybe they're prominent there. Maybe it's very likely that you'll see a wombat.

Here's the pricing section.  Most places have the price for two guests. Then you pay extra for additional guests. Skyfarm has the price for eight guests. It's $1000.  So if you have four couples, each would pay $250.  That's not bad.  If you have a large family, I'm guessing you could find a place that's more affordable.  Well, if you are going with other couples, you could probably find something cheaper as well. But if you have the money, $250 per couple is probably pretty decent.

Then again, there's no air conditioning. What's the weather like in Kangaroo Valley. Does it not get hot in the summer?

Well, it's in the south so maybe not.

I just added Kangaroo Valley to my phone weather app. It's going to be 84 tomorrow, and stormy. That's pretty hot, and it will probably also be humid. I think I'd want air-conditioning.


Other stuff: They don't want children under ten at the property. Pets are also not allowed.  So they wouldn't want my nephews and their dog running around the property.

My cousins lives in Sydney. I think her kids are older than ten now. Or they will be soon. Maybe they can stay in Skyfarm.

This page has happy positive reviews from four guests. Three of them are foreigners.  There's Dutch Margaret, American Maureen, and Canadian Jennifer.  I'm guessing Kerrie is Australian.   I wonder why they don't have more Australians. Is it because their most glowing reviews came from foreigners? Or maybe that's the cliental they hope to attract.

This page has a list of nearby activities.  It looks like the usual stuff—national parks, golfing, fishing, markets, cafes, antique shopping, etc.

There's a dam nearby...if someone is interested in that.

Well, actually. I'm looking at Google Maps.  The damn is about 30 minutes away from Skyfarm.  I'd probably be too lazy to drive that far. Although it might be different if I were really into dams.

I'm seeing though, from Google Maps, that Skyfarm is right next to Moreton National Park. They mention that in their descriptions, but I wasn't sure how close it was.

Lord Wiki says the highlight of Moreton National Park is Fitzroy Falls. Google Maps shows that to be about 25 minutes from Skyfarm.  I bet though that there are other pretty sights that are much closer to the property.

Here's a short promotional article about Skyfarm. They say the breezeways will keep you cool in the summer.   Even on very hot days?  Or maybe the area doesn't get many hot days, so it's not too much of a concern.

Well, this post is going to be fairly short. I don't have anything else to say, really.


  1. I doubt any half decent accommodation in Australia would not have air con. Odd that it is not mentioned and left doubt in your mind.

  2. Andrew,

    Yeah. It seems a bit odd. I can imagine maybe in south Tasmania, where it's probably rarely hot. But in New South Wales.....

  3. Not so much required on a day to day basis, but it gets killer hot in Tassie too.

  4. Andrew,

    Yeah. I know it gets hot in the summer sometimes, I was thinking more about the winter, spring, and Autumn. Sorry. I should have been more clear! I think you could stay in a no AC place in Tasmania during those times with only a tiny bit of worry about a freak heat wave.

    In comparison, my city and many other cities (like yours), it's not so uncommon to end up with a AC needed day in the middle of winter.