Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boring Blue Stuff

After I took my shower tonight, I watched about three minutes of Avatar.

You know.....

I don't have a lot of patience for people who turn their noses up at Harry Potter and/or the Bella-Edward-Jacob thing without having even read it.  But now I'm thinking I should be more sympathetic.

I think I feel the same way about Avatar.  It's just never looked interesting to me.  All these people though said it was fantastic, and I felt wrong for not wanting to see it.  I was relieved when Tim rented it, and said he didn't much like it.  If he had liked it, I might have felt even more obligated to see it. Not that I WOULD see it.  I probably wouldn't.  But I'd feel I was..... I don't know.  Maybe I'd feel slightly defective.  

I often like what's popular, but sometimes I don't. And sometimes I don't even want to give it much of a try.

I guess I did SORT of try Avatar tonight.  I watched a few minutes.   It didn't catch my interest at all.  To me, it looks more like a video game than a movie. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.

I don't know.  I'll take my Harry Potter and Twilight. Other people can have their Avatar.     

Speaking of things starring Australian actors.....

I think I'm somewhat over my hatred of Nip/Tuck.

I totally loved the first and second seasons. That love was soured by the horribleness of the seasons that followed.

When we were driving to the airport, the song Rocket Man came on the radio.   It made me think of that whole beautiful tear-jerker breast cancer storyline on Nip/Tuck.  I think it was the first season?   Maybe the second.  Anyway, I got all teary-eyed thinking of that.  Oh. And I was kind of emotional because we had gotten reassuring medical news (after a good scare). 

I started thinking that I could still love Nip/Tuck if I just think lovingly about seasons one and two.   I just have to push the other seasons out of my head.  That's kind of hard though, because images of shit in a hot tub and gruesome Build-a-Bear scenes dance in my head. Oh well.   

As they say....

Nothing gold can stay.

And sometimes really yummy stuff gets moldy, and if you accidentally eat it, you get really bad food poisoning.   But you can still look back and remember the times when the food was yummy and NOT moldy.  Actually, you can't.  My friend barfed up Mango, and still hates that.  Long long time ago, I barfed up water chestnuts, and I still hate those.

This analogy is getting a bit nuts.
 Well, we're going to eat dinner soon, and watch the TV show that we currently love. Modern Family.  

Yeah.  Sometimes if something you love goes bad, you just find a new thing to love.