Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Give Up

I hate quitting stuff, but sometimes it's the best choice.

I've been spending time on this website called Australian Places  It gives descriptions of various towns, cities, suburbs, etc.  By the name of the website, you might assume it deals with all of Australia.  You'd be wrong.   Almost every name I click on is in Victoria.  Not only is almost every place in Victoria, but most seem to be in areas east of Melbourne.  What's the deal?

Some names on the list don't have links to information yet.  I'm guessing the webmaster plans to eventually have more variety, but for now is starting with Victoria.  

I can't say I haven't enjoyed east Victoria. I plug all the places into Google Map, and then look at Street View.  I see pretty streets....often lots of trees.    But I think I've had enough, so I'm going to move onto another website.

I'm also still looking at the Australian Screen website.   I just watched a clip from the TV movie about the Cowra breakout. I've seen scenes from it before.

I'm still reading Patricia Shaw's The Feather and the Stone.  It's entertaining. I like her stuff. I'm almost done with it, actually.  I spent a lot of time reading yesterday.