Saturday, August 9, 2014

Australian Stuff In Our House

I made a video this afternoon.

It's kind of a tour of the Aussie stuff we have in our house.

It's a bit long, so I'm not really expecting anyone to watch the whole thing.

But maybe someone will want to watch part of it?

Warning: I might be wearing too much make-up. I think I went a bit nuts with the eyeshadow today. And my skin looks weird in general. I have coloring issues.

I also think I might have accidentally lied in some parts. I mean I said the wrong words, or it sounds like I said the wrong thing. For example, there's a part where it sounds like I'm saying my cousin had pelicans in her house. What I meant to say is she had pelicans near her house. Well, she had a beach close to her backyard. And there were pelicans. I think...

Or maybe I'm remembering things wrong.

On the positive side (because I'm being a bit negative here), I didn't freeze up and go totally blank. I was worried that I'd imagine I have a lot to say, but as soon as I'd turn the camera on, I'd want to say nothing.

But I managed to blab on and on...just like I do here.

Oh! One more warning. It's horrible when I say "Melbourne". I have so much trouble saying that name. I don't like the American way of saying it. And I feel I'm mispronouncing it if I do it American. So I try saying it the Australian way, but it sounds nuts. My voice goes all high when I say it.

Maybe if I keep practicing.

Maybe I should make another video of me saying Melbourne over and over.

Anyway...if anyone is interested in watching it. Here's the link.