Saturday, August 16, 2014

Voice-Overs and

On the way back from Dallas, I started thinking about the voice-overs on The Secret Life of Us. At first, I was thinking that all the characters do voice-overs. But then I realized it's not true. Or at least I don't remember it being true.

I'm pretty sure Evan does most of the voiceovers, and then Kelly does a few. I don't think we get voice-overs from Will, Richie, Alex, Simon, Miranda Gabrielle, or Jason.

I wonder why.

I think most shows would have either voice-overs for all characters. Or they would have just voice-overs for one character.

I understand why Evan has voice-overs. He's a writer, and he's writing about his life and the life of his friends. What about Kelly? She's not a least not professionally. But she does talk about making a list of things she wants to change about herself. That could mean she has some sort of diary. Maybe her voice-overs are her diaries?

In other TV matters....

I have only a few episodes left of the first season of The Secret Life of Us. I was trying to decide where to go next. Hulu has so many choices.

I thought about asking people to vote in comments, but I don't have a huge amount of reader participation on my blog. It's likely no one would vote. And if they did...well, what if two people suggested things, and they were not the same. I'd have to choose one and I'd feel like I was rejecting the other people's vote.

Then I remembered I can use that to pick my next Australian television adventure. are my choices.

1. Move onto the next season of The Secret Life of Us

2. Season two of Packed to the Rafters

3. Slide. I've never heard of this before. It's about Brisbane teenagers.

4. Wild Boys. It's about bushrangers. I've never been into that. But maybe the show will help me build an interest in it.

5. Paper Giants The mini-series

6. All Saints. I watched a later season, but it might be nice to see the beginning of the show.

7. City Homicide. I often don't like murder things. But maybe I'll give it a chance.  Sometimes I'm okay with it.

8. Rush. Another police thing.

9. Tangle. I watched the first episode of this. It would be nice to continue with it.

10. Brothers in Arms About the bikie wars. Another thing that's not really my thing. But I'm feeling open-minded right now.

11. Puberty Blues. I didn't love the first one or two episodes I saw, but I feel I should give this one another chance.

12. Howzat Another miniseries

13. Come in Spinner.

14. House Husbands

15. Season 29 of Neighbours. I'll be sad to be on Ramsey Street without Guy Pearce.

16. The Strip. About the Gold Coast.

17. Wilfred

18. A Moody Christmas. I think Leo from Offspring is in this one.

19. The Straits. About smuggling in Australia

20. The Librarians

I really didn't expect this list to be so long. I knew Hulu had a lot of Aussie TV. I didn't know it has THIS much.

21. Australia Wild. I'm not a big fan of nonfiction TV. But I am a big fan of Aussie animals. So I'll put this on the list.

22. Danger 5. Never heard of this one. It's something about Hitler?

23. Sea Patrol 

24. Underbelly. Though they don't have the first season.

25. At Home with Julia. I've seen part of this, but I'd like to watch the whole thing

26. The Elephant Princess. I love Dance Academy; so I might like other Aussie children's programming.

27. Wicked Science

28 H2O. Just Add Water

29. Mother and Son. I hesitated adding this one, because I have no idea where I left off. Maybe I'll start in the middle somewhere.

Well...I think that's about it. I think I got almost everything.

Now I shall go to

What show should I watch next, has spoken.

My next show will be....

Wilfred.  It's the talking dog one. I wonder if I'll like it.

Since the episodes are only 24 minutes long, I'll probably watch two a day. Plus, I'll continue with season three of McLeod's Daughters.

I love Hulu. I'm very grateful to them. And I'm grateful to the person who pointed me in their direction.

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