Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sad Child

I don't know much about sports, and I don't really understand what happened with this child who had the responsibility of being a "Ball Boy".

But there's an 11 year-old child who did nothing wrong and is being blamed, by some, for some kind of loss in a Rugby game.

He cried himself to sleep.

I imagine he might feel the world's ending.

I hope he gets lots of love and support.


  1. You know as much about rugby as I do, but it sounds like a horrible ordeal for the lad. Kids take these things so seriously.

  2. Andrew,

    Yeah. Although I think it would be hurtful for many adults as well.

    I hope the kid is given a lot of extra love, because I'm guessing he's going to be getting some hate. The love will need to overpower the cruel stuff.