Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shocked by Rodger Corser's Filmography

Today I started watching another TV show. It's a 2008 Melbourne police drama called Rush. That's usually not my type of thing, but I'm giving it a chance. Who knows.  It could become my type of thing.

One of the actors looked very familar to me. I decided to look him up on IMDb—Rodger Corser.

I was slightly surprised to see he had been on Camp.  Corser was the one Australian on the show to play an Australian rather than an American.

What really shocked me, though, is that he played Peter Johnson on McLeod's Daughters! I had no idea.  I mean I would have thought I'd recognize him when I watched Camp. But I didn't.

And though the guy racing around in a police car looked familiar to me, I'm still not thinking, oh yeah, that looks like the guy from Camp. Or...yeah, that looks like Peter Johnson.

I think this Rodger Corser has some kind of face-changing ability.

Or maybe Rodger Corser isn't the guy in the police car, and I looked up the wrong person on IMDb. Maybe later I'll see someone on the show and think, oh yeah. That's totally Peter Johnson.


Guess who else is on the show.  Evan from The Secret Life of Us!  I already knew that before watching it, though, because I saw his face on one of the little episode icon photos. 

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