Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tess Tries to Kill Claire

I dreamed about McLeod's Daughters last night. Please remember that what I write below is a dream and most of the information is completely incorrect.

I'm watching McLeod's Daughters. I think about how I once wrote a blog post saying the show is not violent, but now I'm thinking I forgot stuff from the show and what I wrote was wrong. I'm a little embarrassed for my wrongness. 

Now on the show, Tess is planning to murder Claire. The motive has something to do with Nick. It seems to be a way for her to get him back. 

I start to question my watching the show. Do I really want to watch something in which the protagonist commits premeditated murder? I remember that in a past season, Tess pushed Claire down the stairs when they were fighting. I think it's one thing to hurt someone in the heat of passion, but another thing to actually plan to kill them.

Then in another dream.....

I am watching McLeod's Daughters (though instead of seeing it on TV, it feels like I'm in the midst of the landscape). It's supposed to be Halls Gap. I'm regretting that I wasn't watching the show back when we visited Halls Gap. Then I look around and notice there are no mountains. Halls Gap had mountains. This place is quite flat. I'm slightly amused, as if I realize the creators of the show have made a mistake.

I think the hitting Claire with the car thing came from what we saw on Bates Motel last night. One of the other characters rammed into another with his car. Although that was actually not premeditated. It was more a crime of passion. Revenge-passion.  

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