Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let's Stay in the Northern Beaches. No...Let's Not

For some unknown reason, yesterday, I started thinking about our next Australia trip. This is kind of ridiculous, since I'm not planning on us going until 2022...or even later.

I don't think I started thinking and planning because I'm itching to travel. I think it's more like I'm itching to travel-plan.

I came up with this idea that we'd do one flight within Australia and one drive. For example, we'd fly into Sydney from Dallas; stay awhile. Then we'd fly to some other city and take a driving trip from there.  I'm kind of tired of Sydney, though. I hate saying that, because I used to be so in love with it. And you know...I do still love it. I'm just fine loving it from afar. I'm fine with our long distance relationship.

I thought about how we could fly into Sydney, but not stay in the city. We could stay in the Northern Beaches. I wanted to visit there the last time we were in Australia, and we never got around to it. And now since I've become a fan of Home and Away, we could stay in Palm Beach. Then we could do a day trip into the CBD.

Late last night when I should have been getting into bed, I instead started researching all of this. After I looked at Google Maps and reminded myself about the long bus rides, I decided maybe the Northern Beaches wasn't the best idea. Maybe we'd do something else.

What's funny is, this morning I did my daily reading of an old blog post. I don't choose what post I'm reading. I've been reading them in order.

Well, the post for today was about me considering staying in the Northern Beaches for our 2012 trip,  but then deciding against it.  I talk about how Tim is so sick of the Sydney CBD.

We didn't end up going in 2012. We didn't go until 2013, and I think it was Tim's idea that we actually stay closer to the CBD this time. So I guess he got over his being-tired-of the CBD.

While I was doing my extremely premature travel planning, Jack was sitting next to me and started looking at the Dreamworld website. He suggested we go there. I thought it would be nice to do that for him, but I started thinking no, by the time we go, he'll be an adult. He probably won't care about Dreamworld. Then I thought about Jack's involvement with a Disney Minecraft server. We've encountered some adults who are passionate Disney World fans. Tim and I got married adults. So it's quite likely that Jack will still be interested in going to Dreamworld when he's in his early 20's.

Right now, my idea is to fly from Dallas to Brisbane; skip Sydney all together; Do some driving in Queensland;visit the Gold Coast; then fly somewhere else. Maybe Hobart?  Who knows....

I'm looking at the Qantas website. Certain places are much more expensive than others.

There are deals right now. It's $149 one way to Hobart. It's $215 to Perth. That's not great, but reasonable. But then Alice Springs is $320 and Uluru is $351. Geraldton is $424.

I know distance determines a lot of the price, but there must be other factors. Taxes? Airport size?


I think, though, that I'm changing my mind about the one drive. Because if we go somewhere like Hobart, Perth, or Adelaide I'm definitely going to want to explore  at least some of the states. So maybe we'd rent a car in both Brisbane and the other city we visit.