Friday, August 22, 2014

Familiar Faces in Come in Spinner

I watched the first part of Come in Spinner today. I like it so far. I especially like the clothes and set design—the whole atmosphere. But I like the storylines too.

I saw various people who looked familiar to me. That was fun.

I don't think I would have recognized Rebecca Gibney if she wasn't in the beginning credits. Or I might have recognized her vaguely. I don't think I would have been able to figure out who she was without the help of IMDb,

I was excited to see Justine Clarke, and I was able to place her right away. It wasn't difficult, because she was about the same age as she was on Home and Away.

I recognized Sonia Todd from McLeod's Daughters. She's thirteen years younger than what she is in the McLeod's Daughters episodes I've seen this week. But I think she's so much prettier older! It could be a matter of make-up and hair. Maybe the McLeod's Daughters make-up people are good at making women beautiful.

Or maybe Sonia Todd is one of those people who get better looking with age. It happens to men a lot. I think it happens less often with women.

There was one women who looked so familiar to me. I couldn't place her. Well, I did. I placed her as an actress from Meet Me in St. Louis. But that wouldn't have made sense, since Meet Me In St. Louis is a really old movie.

I just looked it up. It was released in 1944, so it would be unlikely that a woman from that year would look only 10 years older in 1990. She's actually probably dead by now.

Anyway, after the show I went to IMDb. It was a little hard to figure things out, because I didn't know the name of the character. I ended up plugging in the actresses until I found the one that reminded me of the one from Meet Me In St. Louis.

Her name is Leverne McDonnell, and the reason she looked familiar to me is she was on The Secret Life of Us. She played Deborah Mailman's boss at the dating service.

Back to Rebecca Gibney. She reminds me a little bit of Kylie Minogue on Neighbours. It might just be the hair. I don't know.

I think I found the Meet Me in St. Louis actress that reminds me of Leverne McDonnell.  Her name's Lucille Bremer. The resemblance isn't huge. It's a mild one. But I think it's there. 


  1. It was screened so long ago, but I remember it being a really good series.

  2. Andrew: Andrew...yeah it's good so far.