Friday, August 22, 2014


So far, dreams seem to be the theme of my day. Although that's not completely surprising. Dreams are an important part of my life.


Last night I had a dream inspired by The Secret Life of Us.

In an episode I watched recently, Gabrielle contemplates quitting her high-pressured job. She decides that with her extra free time, she'll go to this meditation retreat place. For ten days you meditate and there's no talking. Her friend Alex tries to convince her that this might be a bad idea. Gabrielle isn't the type to keep quiet for ten days. She can barely keep quiet for ten seconds. And Alex tests her on this. Gabrielle fails.

I dreamed: I consider going to the meditation retreat. I worry it will be a bad idea since I really don't like meditating. I'm also not sure I'd like all the silence. I wonder, though, if the silence and meditating will lead to me having interesting dreams.  

I am kind of amused and intrigued by dreams about dreams—you know where you talk about, or think about, dreams while you're dreaming.

You know how some people have daily Bible readings. Well, I have daily Dina's-old-journal readings.

I read a post in my LiveJournal from July 2007. It was about this really random dream about Natalie Wood drowning. It was random and strange, because she's not someone I think about.

I also do a daily reading of an old post from this blog. It helps me relearn all the stuff I taught myself and then later forgot. So my reading for this morning was from October 2010. It was all about how my dreams can influence my feelings about things. For example: My becoming obsessed with Australia.

In other unrelated news, I saw on Statcounter this morning that a lot of people are coming to my blog to learn about dropping your bucket in the dirt. My introduction to the term came from Offspring, so I'm wondering if the series is having reruns right now? Or did another Australian show mention the term? Or it could be the Australian collective unconscious is suddenly concerned with such matters.

I would say that maybe Australians were having a mass dream about the subject. But Statcounter shows them coming in the evening. I think if they had dreamed about it, they would have made their visits to my blog in the morning. UNLESS...maybe bucket dropping dreams are the type that occur during nap sleeps.

It's all so mysterious. 

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