Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reuniting With Drovers Run

Since I can't watch Home and Away and Neighbours anymore, I need to find something to replace it.

I think I'm going to start watching McLeod's Daughters. I was going to start watching it after I finished the first season of The Secret Life of Us. But now I'm thinking I'll watch the shows simultaneously. 

We stopped watching McLeod's Daughters in 2009, and we left off somewhere in the beginning of season three. I decided I'll just start at the beginning of the season. For my first day watching, I'm going to blog while I watch—just jot down my feelings and observations. 

1. I watched the recap of what happened previously on McLeod's Daughters. Midway through it got stuck on one image, but the audio kept going. So I'm stuck there looking at a piece of wood used for horse jumping. What do you call that? Anyway, I thought the show was trying to be artistic. But after a minute or so, I realized something was wrong.

2. There's colored sheep! Like in Minecraft!  This is just Claire's dream, though. She's pregnant and dreaming of pink and blue sheep.

3. The women on this show are so beautiful...almost to an annoying degree.

4. Claire annoys me. I can't remember if I liked her when I used to watch the show. But now I don't. She has that tough-girl thing going on. I'm not a big fan of that. I prefer insecure, neurotic women. Like Tess. And pretty much all the women on The Secret Life of Us.

That being said...I think Becky has a tough-girl personality too, and I totally love her. She's looking for Brick now. Poor thing. I do remember what happened to him, and it's not a happy story.

5. Albert's there. I didn't remember him returning. I thought he was on for a few episodes in season one or two, and that's it.

6. Claire just met with Harry and Liz—Alex's parents. They thought they were going to be grandparents, and she just told them they're not. The baby isn't really Alex's baby. It's the other guy's baby. But they other-guy is out of the picture, so they lied to him.

I remember hating Harry, but now I can't remember why. And he seems like a nice guy now. I have vague memories of a reconciliation. It was something to do with a leg? Like one of their sons hurt the other son's leg...but not really?

I also remember we hated the father of the baby. I can't remember his name now or what he did that was so awful. 

7.This looking for Brick thing is really sad. Becky's going around to people with amnesia—thinking it might be him. She sees the back of the guy's head, gets all excited and relieved. Then she sees his face, and she's disappointed. I've had dreams like that.—searching desperately for someone; ending up disappointed. It's so frustrating.

8. It's weird seeing Alex because the last time I saw Aaron Jeffrey was a couple of years ago when I was watching recent episodes of Neighbours. He played a journalist, and he was....Well, there was something bad about him. I forgot what it was. Now when I see Alex, I feel he's going to do something devious. 

9. Alex was in a helicopter accident. This show is full of dire emergencies.

10. Okay yeah. Harry has become a nicer man. At least it looks like has. He's apologizes to Alex for being a shitty father.

Oh, and Claire's other man—the one we don't like. They gave me his name. It's Peter. 

11. Alex is putting the moves on Claire. He wants to marry her,  and they can raise the baby together. She doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship. I'm having synchronocity with that today–male and female friends and the question of whether they should make it a romance. On The Secret Life of Us, Alex and Evan were flirting with the idea. And the same is happening in the Aussie zombie book I'm reading. A guy has feelings for his best friend's sister. She sees him as a brother. I wonder how it's all going to turn out.

12.. Terry has now made his first appearance in this episode. It's weird seeing him! I used to know him as just sweet old Terry. But since then, I've seen John Jarrett in Wolf Creek. He plays a serial killer living in the outback. I haven't actually seen the movie, but I've seen trailers and clips—enough to make me scared of Terry.

13. Nick has brought a date to the party. She looks familiar. I'll have to look her up. She kind of reminds me of Greta from Home and Away. Or maybe someone from Offspring

14.  I'm done with the episode. I'm excited about watching more. By the end, I was liking Claire a little more. I like her relationship with Alex. It's sweet. 

15. Well, I can't find anyone in the credits of the episode that played Greta or that's on Offspring. So I think I'm wrong there.

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