Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bye Bye Summer Bay


I was just about to get in my daily dose of Home and Away and Neighbours.

The account's been terminated. Copyright infringement. And by watching these shows, I guess I'm an accessory to the crime. Or whatever. I supported illegal behavior.

I don't feel guilty.

I do feel guilt about watching uploaded programs that I could easily get elsewhere by paying for them. And I usually avoid this practice.

But as far as I know, the early years of Home and Away aren't available to the general public of the world. So who cares if people watch it for free?

I actually think the uploader is doing the show a favor. If the uploader gets people interested in the show, maybe they'll become interested in watching the new episodes—the ones that bring in money from advertisers.

There were no advertisements on the video, so I don't think the uploader was doing any of this to make money. I think she was just a fan of Australian television and wanted to share the shows with the world.

If the Home and Away folks want to terminate the account, then I think they should fix things by uploading the episodes themselves. Then they can get the money from the YouTube advertisers, if they're worried about not making money from their show.

I wonder who owns the old episodes. Is it Channel Seven?

Well, Lord Wiki says the show was on their network. So it's probably them who put out the complaint to YouTube about the copyright issue.

I was looking at Channel Seven's website, trying to find if there's someone I can write to about this. Not that it would likely make a difference. But it would maybe make me feel better to try.

I don't see any contact page.

Well...now I've found contact information, but it's more about complaints about TV content and stuff like that. I don't think it's the place to contact if you're mad you can't watch Home and Away on YouTube anymore.  Also, they say you can call and snail mail. They won't talk to you via email.

You know what's freaky, though, and probably silly. I've been paranoid when writing posts about Home and Away. The thing is, I think there were one or two instances in the past where I was watching a program on YouTube. I linked to the videos, and then the video was taken down. So I was so worried about that happening with Home and Away...because I'm very addicted.

Therefore, when I wrote posts, I'd avoid linking to any videos. But the other day, I decided I was being paranoid and I linked to a video. And look what happened a few days later.

I'm guessing it's just a coincidence.

But a little paranoid part of me is thinking the Gods of Australia television read my blog, looking for ways to catch illegal uploading. Gods...no. Right now I'm thinking of them as demons.