Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Not a Pro At All Things Melbourne

The Age has a quiz about Melbourne.

I didn't do too well. I got a 4 which put me in the middle scoring category. My ability group is described as:  While you’re not yet a pro at all things Melbourne, you are well on your way. So who cares if you got confused with Melbourne’s founding fathers - you have now become wiser and, with a little more awareness, can climb the ladder of knowledge and become one of those Melburnians who randomly spurt facts that no one really cares about at dinner parties.

I actually knew five of the questions, but accidentally hit the wrong thing on one of them. Still. It wouldn't matter much. I still wouldn't have been in the beloved expert category. Maybe one day....

Or in two minutes, if I retake the test.

Crap. You would think I'd get 10/10...since I just saw the answers minutes ago.


I still got two wrong.

I started to take the test a third time. My brain is not wanting to remember what the oldest pub is in Melbourne.

If anyone wants to take the quiz and brag about your score...I'll pretend I'm proud of you rather than jealous.


Andrew said...

8/10 I got Batman Hill wrong and I thought the highest temp was in 1939.

Dina said...


8/10 is excellent; though I would expect no less from you.

Anonymous said...

I am born and bred in Melbourne, love my city and just got three out of ten. Unbelievable! Sue

Dina said...


That's TERRIBLE, but it makes me feel better.

If it makes you feel any better, I'd surely fail a test about my city.

Seriously though...if you have ten questions, it's a hit and miss type thing. You probably know a ton about Melbourne. The quiz just asked the wrong questions.

Andrew said...

Dina, I would have expected better of me. I know very well where Batman Hill was and given I worked on the hottest Melbourne day ever, I should have known that too. Bit of fun to do. I might put it on my blog, with some credit to you of course.

Dina said...


So you knew everything. Maybe you just had temporary amnesia.