Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rob Plays That Game

Lately our family evening entertainment has come to us via a YouTuber named Rob Plays That Game.

The videos we've been watching consist of him answering viewer questions while walking around McMagic, a virtual (Minecraft) DisneyWorld.

Rob Plays That Game is starting to take up a huge chunk of property in my heart, because his passion for Disney reminds me of my passion for Australia.

Today I learned he doesn't live in Orlando. For some reason, I pictured him being one of those Disney fans who lives close to the parks and goes to Disney World almost every week.

But no. Despite his love for Disney and his wealth of Disney knowledge, he visits Disney World only about every other year—probably because this is what he can afford.

It made me feel a little better about my Australia love.

I started following some Australian accounts on Instagram. I like looking at the photos. They're lovely. But sometimes I begin to feel very jealous of and inferior to these people who are living in Australia or taking long adventurous vacations there.

I don't think we're going back before my 50th birthday year. And while these other people have pictures of The Twelve Apostles, kangaroos in the wild, rainbows in Surfer's Paradise, Melbourne Street art, etc; I'm taking pathetic videos of the Australian flags decorating our kitchen.

Watching Rob Plays That Game made me realize there are different types of fans.

Our family is a huge fan of Disney World too. Tim and I were married at Disney World. It was one of my favorite places as a child. When Jack was two-years-old, we invested money in the Disney Vacation Club, and we visit Disney World every year. Sometimes I feel it's our second home.

We might go to Disney World more than Rob Plays That Game. But he knows so much more than us. He's very well-read when it comes to Disney. He knows so much trivia. I love learning from him. Because despite visiting a lot, there's a lot we don't know.

I think that's the same with Australia fans. There are a lot of Australian fans. Some of them are actually Australian and they have a lot of love for their own country. Some live outside Australia, but they've done a lot of visiting. They've been to Australia more than me and have seen places I've only read about. But then they might have read less Australian novels than me, or they might have watched less Australian TV shows. Maybe they're less educated about Australian music.

Sometimes I think I became my type of Australia fan out of necessity. I wanted to move there. That didn't work out. So I found another way to channel my obsession. If we had moved to Australia, I think there's a chance I'd know less about Australian than I do now. It sounds crazy, but it might be true.

Maybe it's the same thing with Rob Plays That Game. Maybe if he was a Disney Fan who visited Disney World every year or multiple times a year, he wouldn't have felt such a need to love Disney by reading a bunch of books about it.

Or I could be wrong.

Either way...I really love his videos.