Sunday, April 1, 2018

Weekend Road Trip

We traveled south to Austin and San Antonio this weekend. The main purpose was for Jack to get together with some online friends (first time meeting each other in person after being friends for four years!). Also, once we get rid of our current house, Austin and San Antonio are on our list of places we might want to live.  We didn't do any serious house-hunting. We just kind of kept the potential move in the back of our mind.

Anyway, one of the reasons I was loving on Austin this weekend is there were some great Australia-connections.

First we ate lunch at this restaurant called Eureka. One of the songs that played there was "Big Jet Plane" by Angus Stone.

Oh! And I just remembered the name Eureka has an Aussie connection. Actually, I thought of it when I saw the sign for the restaurant. But by the time we decided to eat there, I had forgotten.

On our last night in Austin, we ate at this trendy foodcourt place. I was excited to hear Gabrielle Cilmi's "Sweet about Me" playing.

At one point I was walking and saw part of a sign. I thought I might be seeing the beginning of the word "Australia", but then realized it was "Austin".  It made me think, though, that Austin would be a good place for us to live since it shares its first four letters with Australia. Austria would work too, of course!  But moving to Austin would be a bit more convenient.

As we were getting ready to leave, I did do some playing around on Zillow. I found this house that looked like it might sort of match what we/I want.  Then I saw the street name. Guess what it was....

Tasmanian Tiger Trace!  I never heard of Trace before. That sounds weird. BUT I love the Tasmanian Tiger thing.  I would love to have that as my address. I think having that as my address might even be better than moving to the real Australia.

Okay, and it gets better. The street right next to it is called Kookaburra Path!

Sometimes I think my obsession with Australia is not over after all. Because I still get excited about all this stuff. I still feel this warm sort of happiness when I hear Australian music played in a public place. I REALLY want an Australia-themed street name.

On the other hand, my desire to visit the actual Australia is pretty low. Recently Jack had this sudden strong wish for a trip to Australia. In the past, that would have made me so happy and excited. Now it just made me stressed. I kept hoping he'd get over it fast.  It's so much easier and cheaper to take a small road trip in our own state.