Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do Americans Brag A Lot?

Australians have their Tall Poppy thing going on.  Well, they cut down tall poppies;  these being people who are excessively vocal with their self-admiration.  

TRUE Australians supposedly never speak highly of themselves. Those who do speak well of themselves are either fake Australians, or I suppose they're defective?   Then it's up to the other Australians to chop them down a bit.

Personally, I have not seen a difference between Australians and Americans in this regard. The Australians I encounter seem as pleased with themselves as the Americans I know. Maybe I'm meeting Australians who have not been properly cut down?

For argument's sake, let's say that Australians and Americans are equal in their show of self-love.    Could the difference be in how these statements are perceived?

Let's say an Australian posts on their blog about the fact that they've gotten a new job.  They talk about doing well on the interview, and how their new supervisor seems really pleased with them. I would read that and think Cool! Good for them.  I wish I was that good with interviews (cause I'm not).

Maybe the Australians would roll their eyes and think the blogger was bragging about themselves.   Maybe they'd see them as a tall poppy?

Is that how we differ?

I can't speak for ALL Americans, because we're all different.  I would venture to guess the same goes for Australians, although some would like to imagine there are true Aussies, just like some Americans want to imagine there are true Americans.  What are the rest of us then?

Never mind.

Anyway, I'm just going to speak for myself, and how I feel about people loving on themselves.

I'm fine with it. I do it myself.

It's just that there are limits.

To me, I think it's great if someone shares good news about themselves.  I made an awesome banana cream pie!   I love my ass in my new pants!   I walked five miles this morning!  I did well on my test!
Here's some photos I just took.  I'm very happy with them, and want to share.

If someone begins to say this stuff too much, then it gets old. Then I'm wanting the tall poppy to be cut down.  How about those people who post boasting statements multiple times a day on Facebook?  That can get REALLY annoying.

I also think boasting needs to be balanced with self-criticism and a self-deprecating sense of humor.   If you're going to tell me you love your breasts, then tell me you think your nose is too big.   Otherwise, you'll annoy me.  I mean it doesn't need to be in the same sentence. I'm just talking about a general balance of things.

The other thing I've heard is that Australians stir each other up a bit. They tease each other.   Americans don't.

I must know the wrong Americans.  Now we don't CONSTANTLY tease everyone we know.   Do Australians?   I'm doubting it.  But maybe I'm wrong. The ones I know don't constantly do this? Are they pandering to the humorless American?  I doubt it.  

But yeah.   Americans (like Australians) often show love for each other by insulting each other.  It's fun, and if people don't go too far, it's usually received with a laugh, and a sharp witty response.  

Anyway, I'd ramble more on this subject, but I need to go help Tim chop up some cucumbers.