Saturday, November 6, 2010

The First Dream....Maybe

As I've said before.....

This whole Australia obsession started with me having recurring dreams about Julian McMahon.   They haunted me until I felt I might be insane. Then slowly it evolved into an obsession with Australia.

Today I was doing my daily read of seven old Livejournal entries.  I'm now on February 2005. This morning I read what I think is the first dream that brought Australia into the picture.  It's pretty short.

I'm at a mall. I'm alone. I go into Waldenbooks. It's a much fancier Waldenbooks then I'm used to. I see something with Henry the Octopus on it. I go to calendars. I look at countries. I see Australian ones and think of Julian McMahon.   

The funny thing is....I dreamed about a bookstore last night too.  There was nothing Australian in it.   It was just this small bookstore, and I was very unimpressed with their fiction section.

There is something VERY weird though....well, I think it's weird.   It's quite a coincidence.  Last night, we had people over for dinner.  Tim made his fabulous curry, and he and Jason made lamb together.  They wanted Miriam to taste the lamb.  She was somewhat reluctant because she had a prior horrible experience with lamb.  She went to some restaurant, and they gave her old lamb. It had gone bad.  She tasted Tim's and Jason's lamb, and liked it.

Anyway, right under the Julian McMahon bookstore Australia dream, I have this dream written down.

We have a refrigerator in our hallway near the garage. I find the freezer was left wide open. Tim had all this lamb in it (at least a hundred dollars worth), and it is all wasted. Tim doesn't seem as upset as he could/should be.

I don't know about you.  But I think that's a CRAZY coincidence.  

There's more, but not as exciting.  Tim sprained his calf last week. He's been slightly crippled since then. Last night he suddenly noticed that his ankle is all bruised up. He hadn't noticed it before.  We're not sure if the bruises just suddenly appeared, or they've been there all along without us noticing.  I was a bit concerned, so I told him to call/email our brother-in-law Fred, who's a doctor.   I didn't need to say that. Before I even got over to Tim to insist he do that, he had already written the email.  Fred said there's probably no need to worry.

The same night with the bookstore and lamb dream, I had a hypnagogic image where Fred is talking to someone who is mildly injured, saying they might as well bring him in. He'll have a look at it.

I need to read this night of dreams more closely.   Maybe there's more weird coincidences.

Well there's something about a science class dissecting insects.   That doesn't mean anything to least not yet.