Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Instead of Birthday Cake

I'm so birthday cake burned out.  SO....instead of having that for my birthday-Thanksgiving celebration, I've ordered some Australian food.

There might be a cake anyway, because we never celebrated my sister's birthday in October. There might be plans to squish both our names on a cake together. I don't know.

But anyway....

Here's what I ordered from Simply Australian. 

1. Licorice Bullets
2. Honey Comb Tim Tams (We get Tim Tams in America now, so have to order a unique type to make it more exciting for us)
3. Arnott's Caramel Crowns  (We've never had these before, so it will be new for us)
4. Arnott's Lemon Crisp (We've never had this before either)
5. Arnott's Assorted Creams (a mix of stuff)
6.  Pizza and Cheese and Bacon Shapes
7.  Milk Bottles
8. Timeout Bar (because it was on sale)
9. Mango Darrel Lea Licorice (on sale too)

The package might not come on time, but hopefully it will.  If it doesn't, I'll probably need to prove my value in the family by bringing some type of home baked thing.  I'd say this would be akin to torturing the family. But since eating the crappy food at Universal Studios, I've realized my cooking isn't too awful.